Getting your restaurants to participate

The Ambassador program empowers you to raise funds for your organization at local restaurants and create new fundraising opportunities for other awesome causes! Yes, it's an awesome way to become a local hero! Here are some tips to encourage your restaurants to participate once you are at the door with your flyer printed.


1. Ask to speak with a manager

If the manager is not in, leave the flyer for the manager/owner with a staff (job done!)

2. Let them know two things

a) Who you are: Name, club, and university

ex. Hello, my name is Monica from Engineers without borders at UT

b) The fact that you are looking for places to host fundraisers for your group

ex. "We are looking for restaurants to host us for a fundraiser. If you are interested in hosting us, go to the link on the flyer and sign up, all the info you need you can find them online. It's really simple, thanks!"

Tip: Avoiding busy hours such as 12pm - 1pm and 6pm - 8pm will help managers make decisions easier!
Tip 2: Keep your head up even if you don't get a positive response, just know that not all restaurants are interested in hosting large groups.