What kind of restaurant is great for fundraisers?

This is one of those questions where we can say "It depends.." But here are some criteria to think about before choosing any restaurants.

1. Price range: Avoid too cheap to raise enough money, and avoid too expensive to make supporters feel comfortable joining you

2. Location: Closer to the campus the better. Easy access to the location boosts participation! This point is so important we wrote a whole article about how to choose your fundraiser location

3. Chain vs Mom & pop: Some chains tend to be strict about their give-back policy, so a good mix of local and chain restaurants are recommended

4. Size: Your supporters will show up over a block of 4-5 hours, which means the size of the restaurant won't matter too much. (unless you are that popular and afraid the whole school will show up)

We also recommend visiting review sites like Yelp or Foursquare to explore any hidden gems!


With over 5000 restaurants participating in GroupRaise fundraisers across the country, the only thing left to do is find the perfect location for your fundraiser!