Tip 2: Email your customers

Posted by Devin

Are you already using email marketing to communicate with your customers? Awesome, because they are still proven to be the most effective online marketing channel. Now, let’s include your fundraising program to your email blast.


Here is one great emailĀ format you can use to reach out to your email-list today!

Hello {{name}},
We have an awesome fundraising opportunity for your organizations at {{restaurant_name}}.

In the months of March, April, and May, you can host a fundraising meal at our restaurant for any school, charity, or sports organizations you support, and we will donate back {{donation_rate}}% of your group’s meal sales!

Here’s how it works:

1. Request a date for your meal here {{fundraiser_page}}
2. Invite everyone to your meal using social media, email, and your RSVP page
3. Have a fun, social meal together & place your receipts in the GroupRaise box

Then we will tally up the receipts in the box and you will get a check in the mail for what your group raised!

You can request a date now at {{fundraiser_page}}

Wish you a great week!

{{your name}}


Feel free to forward this to anyone who may find the information useful. Thanks!

Two cents from the team

  • Best time to send: In the morning time around 10AM
  • Include any images? Plain-text will do the trick just fine, it’s more personal that way
  • Have never sent group emails before? We recommend free services such as mailchimp.com