Find Your Top Virtual & Online Fundraising Ideas – Take the Quiz!

Posted by Laura Bilsborrow

Put in a pinch due to the pandemic, all sorts of fundraising groups are now turning to virtual, social media, and online fundraising ideas rather than their usual in-person events.


Discover your top online fundraising ideas by taking the quick quiz below! After a few questions about your fundraising group’s situation and preferences, you’ll get a custom recommendation.


If you’d like a full list and description of these fundraising ideas and more, see our other article – 30 Fundraising Ideas Compared. Otherwise, scroll down to take the quiz!


Virtual & Online Fundraising Ideas Quiz


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Possible Results of the Quiz:

Companies & Resources Mentioned:

  • GroupRaise – online platform where groups can find and book restaurant takeout fundraisers
  • Facebook Fundraisers – crowdfunding for individuals and nonprofits
  • Bonfire – t-shirt fundraising platform
  • The Discount Card – discount card provider
  • Deluxe – custom products wholesaler
  • – fundraising products provider
  • GoFundMe – crowdfunding for individuals
  • Edco – crowdfunding for schools and sports teams
  • Indiegogo – crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and community projects
  • Fundly – peer-to-peer fundraising for individuals and nonprofits


While you’re here, why not check out your nearest restaurants that do takeout fundraisers? A restaurant takeout or delivery fundraiser could be the perfect option for your group!