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3 tips on SUPERSIZING your fundraiser

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If you have tried hosting a restaurant fundraiser for your charity, you know how challenging it is to engage your supporters. There is just no guarantee that they will show up. Nowadays, people feel more comfortable engaging on the internet, which is why GroupRaise brought every step of the way online while maximizing the power of sharing a meal together face to face.

Here are 3 promotional tips to host a successful dinner and avoid a bad one. The key is to know the difference in your objective and theirs.

Next time you invite people for a fundraiser, don’t do it!

Instead, invite them to a themed occasion whether it is a Spring social or a monthly reunion. Let’s face it, the biggest motivator to show up to a fundraiser in many cases is to mingle with old friends and meet new and interesting people. After all, fundraiser is just a great excuse to get together and have a good time.

Celebrate birthdays

Birthday parties are always fun and is a great excuse to eat and drink. In fact, the more the merrier! You can invite volunteers or supporters who have birthdays coming up next month to team up and host a fundraiser to support your organization. This never gets boring, since you have new set of supporters inviting friends and family for their birthdays every month.

Social pressure is good sometimes

One reason why PTA moms host awesome fundraisers one after another is because they know how to pressure other moms to take charge. Your organization may not be best suited to put pressure on anyone, but you can always find ways to do that in a very healthy way. It’s called ‘distributing ownership’. For instance, it’s as easy as having each one of your supporters bring 10 friends to eat with them. If every one of your supporters brought 10 friends, how big of a crowd would you be able to host?

Try it yourself!

Now that you know how to SUPERSIZE your fundraiser, let’s ensure your event is the best it can be. Check out this article on ‘How to host a successful fundraiser’ to find out our top fundraising tips!! If you’re ready to get started, you can head straight to GroupRaise.com to organize your restaurant fundraiser!