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Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Check out our fundraising tips and tricks to fundraise like a pro! From creative fundraising ideas to promotion and strategy tips, we’ve got you covered.

How to Use GroupRaise

Everything you need to know about how to use GroupRaise, from making a request to holding your restaurant fundraiser to receiving your check.

Fundraising Groups and Causes

Check out the inspiring stories of fundraising groups and causes. Learn how they partnered with restaurants to reach their fundraising goals.

Chain Restaurants That Do Fundraisers

There are thousands of chain restaurants that do fundraisers! Learn all about restaurant fundraising options and how you can raise money for your cause.

Local Restaurants That Allow Fundraising

There are thousands of local restaurants that allow fundraising! Learn about how you can partner with restaurants near you to raise money for your cause.


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GroupRaise Benefits

Learn all about the benefits of partnering your restaurant with GroupRaise. From savvy marketing services to time-saving operations features, we’ve got your back!

How Restaurants Use GroupRaise

How to get your restaurant set up on GroupRaise and make your local store marketing and fundraising programs even more successful.


Hear testimonials from GroupRaise restaurant partners and read all about our latest joint initiatives.