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How Restaurants Use GroupRaise

Pizza Patio Testimonial – Making Fundraising Effortless

The Pizza Patio is a pizza restaurant located at Flagstaff, AZ, that cares a lot about their local community. They are dedicated to offering great pizza & slices with creative toppings plus self-serve tap beers.   The Pizza Patio joined GroupRaise as a means to further connect with their community,… Read More

Tre Fratelli Testimonial – Building A Strong Connection With Local Community

Tre Fratelli is an Italian restaurant located at Langhorne, PA, that cares a lot about their local community. They purchase from local farmers, employ local staff, and some of their guests have been regulars since the 70’s!   Tre Fratelli joined GroupRaise in 2017 as a means to further connect… Read More

Lost Dog Cafe Testimonial – Bringing In New Customers Through Fundraising

Lost Dog Cafe values community over everything else. Because feeding your belly feeds your soul, they focus on providing their local audiences with high quality food, and also on being an active part of the causes they care about. In this video, Sarah White, Area Manager of 3 of… Read More

How to hack the GroupRaise algorithms for more fundraiser requests

There’s a lot of technology going on behind the scenes at GroupRaise and you can leverage it for your restaurant to get a step ahead of the competition and attract more fundraiser event requests.   In this blog post, we’re going under the hood to show… Read More

3 Best Practices to Hosting Restaurant Fundraisers with GroupRaise

You signed up with GroupRaise for a reason, right? The list includes but is not limited to: getting more customers on a slow Tuesday night, increasing your community engagement, enhancing your brand image, or simply, increasing your restaurant sales and profitability. Whether you are owner, chef, marketing manager,… Read More

Hosting your Facebook fans for fundraisers

Here is how you can offer fundraisers to your Facebook fans with one simple link.  Read More

3 Steps to Hosting GroupRaise Meals like a PRO

So you’ve just received an email about a new fundraiser request. This means a group nearby has chosen your restaurant and requested a fundraiser for a specific date online. Here are the 3 steps to turn this request into an awesome experience! Read More

Step 4: Reporting sales

Once you’ve successfully hosted the organization, simply tally up all the receipts from the box and report the sales amount online to let the organizer know.  Read More

Step 3: Hosting fundraiser customers

It’s the day of the event! Before customers flood in, you need to make sure you have done 2 things: Read More

Step 2: Preparing for your event

By now, your group is doing their part of promoting the event in order to bring the best outcome. Here are 3 things we suggest on your end to make it an amazing experience. Read More