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3 Best Practices to Hosting Restaurant Fundraisers with GroupRaise

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

You signed up with GroupRaise for a reason, right? The list includes but is not limited to: getting more customers on a slow Tuesday night, increasing your community engagement, enhancing your brand image, or simply, increasing your restaurant sales and profitability. Whether you are owner, chef, marketing manager, general manager, or all of the above – here you will find the best practices for utilizing your GroupRaise Profile to reach your intended goals.


1. Communication is Key

When it comes down to it, there are two actions you need to take when you get a fundraiser request.

First, responding to the request – i.e. accept or deny.

Second, submitting the total sales.

It is important to provide a prompt and friendly response to maintain the communication with the organizer from the beginning to end of the fundraiser. We have conveniently provided a useful messaging feature that you can find on the event page and use even prior to booking.

When restaurants respond within 48 hours, our data shows that it can increase event sales by 20%!

We have found that the benefit of great communication pays off when restaurants respond within 48 hours to their fundraiser requests. Our data shows by doing this it can increase your event sales by 20%, because it keeps the group motivated to quickly start inviting their supporters. Our national partner California Pizza Kitchen goes above and beyond by encouraging their locations to accept requests and submit sales within 24 hours – that way they stay above the competition in search results.


Responsiveness is the main variable we use to position your restaurant in search results. In order to maintain your listing, be sure to respond to every request. We encourage you to accept as many fundraisers as you can, but feel free to deny the request if it doesn’t work for you. Just be sure to provide the group organizer a reason from one of our premade responses or you can personalize it! The more fundraiser requests that do not receive a response (i.e. accepted or denied), the lower your listing will be. With this in mind, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for our notification emails!

In order to maintain your listing, be sure to always respond to every requests.

2. Commit to Your Community and Brand Image

There are many ways to show your commitment to fundraising, the most important is when you click accept and commit to donate. Fulfilling this commitment – no matter the size – builds trust and earns you respect within your community. If you are ever unsatisfied with the fundraiser, we will gladly provide you with an event credit to replace the original fee so you can use it to accept a future event request.


It is also a best practice to keep your profile average price, donation amount, and contact information up-to-date. This helps you and the group avoid future confusion and will improve the entire experience. To adjust your time & day availability feel free to message our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to do that for you.

Pro Tip: Do a quick search at GroupRaise.com to see how you compete with restaurants in your Zip Code!

The next step to committing fully is making it official. Yes, we’re talking about Facebook Official! Take advantage of the fact that customers are more attracted to companies who give back. Begin by sharing your unique profile link on your social media. You can also engage your subscribers or reward members by sending then an announcement email. Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. With our digital marketing efforts to the your community along with your local outreach, you can quickly begin to attract new customers.


3. Stay Ahead of the Competition


GroupRaise makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition by integrating a “Fundraise Here” button on your website that will take groups directly to your Groupraise availability calendar or brand page. You can also order in-store marketing material, also referred to as POP materials (point of purchase) from your Restaurant’s Profile. This must-do item will empower your employees to direct local groups to your Website to book within minutes! No need to “speak to the manager” – GroupRaise has you covered!

In February, Epic Wings N’ Things drove 14 fundraisers to their restaurant from their website’s “fundraise here” button, generating almost $700 in sales from each event!

All in all, it’s important to communicate, commit, and beat the competition in your own unique way. GroupRaise is here to enable you to build a relationship with your community and reach your intended goals. We’re happy to have you on board! We are excited that you are now a part of the most delicious way to change the world!