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Lost Dog Cafe Testimonial – Bringing In New Customers Through Fundraising

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

Lost Dog Cafe values community over everything else. Because feeding your belly feeds your soul, they focus on providing their local audiences with high quality food, and also on being an active part of the causes they care about.

In this video, Sarah White, Area Manager of 3 of 5 Lost Dog Cafe locations, shares her experience working with GroupRaise.com to bring in new customers through restaurant fundraising, and engage local communities looking for delicious and meaningful experiences.

Video Transcript

I’m Sarah White and I work with Lost Dog Cafe, and I’m the area manager for three of our five locations.

Lost Dog Cafe finds fundraising a really great way to give back to our community. You come in, you spend some money with us, but we could give that money back to your group. And that makes us feel like we’re part of your team, part of what you’re doing.

GroupRaise helps Lost Dog Cafe constantly by bringing in people that may not have eaten with us before. So maybe it’s their first opportunity for us to make a great impression. And so they come in knowing that they’re giving back to their community, but also getting that exposure to some great pizza or great sandwiches and a place that they might feed their family later. So it’s a win-win on both sides.

So at Lost Dog Cafe we’ve had so much success with GroupRaise that we’re continually telling people around how great it is and what they could do to bring in business to the restaurant, as well as give back to the community if they were to partner with GroupRaise.

GroupRaise has been not only great to work with by going online and working through their portal, but also anytime that we’ve needed support from them, anytime that we’ve needed to reach out and say, we don’t understand something, or could we do something better? They’ve been great about being on top of it. Everybody’s been friendly and worked with us as well as sending us popup emails of, ‘Hey, you could use this wording to advertise this week on your social media’ so that we can bring some more people in, which has been really helpful. And it adds time to my day that I didn’t have to go and write it. So they’ve just been so dynamic about ways to help our restaurant, especially during such a tough year.

It really has been a great product for us. It’s been, you know, a total win for us to be able to set that up. And now when people contact us and say, we’d love to do a fundraiser with your restaurant. It’s so easy for us to give them the group raise domain and have them just go and pick a date and figure out what works for them and share it with their people as opposed to going back and forth with the manager a hundred times. So everything I’m saying is absolutely true, that working with GroupRaise has really been a win for us.