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Hosting an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Fundraising Event

Posted by Kate Christie

Looking for a delicious way to raise money for your favorite cause or organization?


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza offers tasty pizza and allows you to raise money for your favorite cause at the same time. When you host an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraising event, they will donate 15% of sales back to your cause!


Now is the perfect time to host a restaurant fundraiser for your school, team, college club, church, or charity. Keep reading to learn how!

Infographic: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza fundraising at a glance

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Setting Up Your Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Fundraising Event

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has made it easy for local organizations to request a restaurant fundraiser with them – it only takes 1 minute. Simply:


  1. Choose a Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza location
  2. Select a date and time
  3. Complete some basic info about your group
  4. Click Submit. Simple, right?



You will need to book at least 14 days in advance. After that, the restaurant will have 7 days to respond to your request. By planning ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to spread the word. Note: All groups with a W9 form can fundraise at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. The form simply states that your group pays taxes.


When your request has been approved, it’s time to promote the event to your supporters. Spread the word on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to create awareness and excitement, and get everyone ready for a deliciously fun event! Check out our post – How to Host a Successful Restaurant Fundraiser – for more tips and tricks for setting up an unforgettable event. Plus, attendees can RSVP on GroupRaise’s Meal Page, which will remind them of the deliciousness that awaits them.


On the day of the event, be sure your group and its supporters are armed with lots of napkins, their favorite stretch-pants, and this info: There’s no set-up, no cleanup, and no work required the day of the event (unless you count narrowing down your menu choices!). Everyone who shows up to support your cause must inform the restaurant staff that, although they’re most definitely there for the pizza, they’ll primarily be eating in the name of your organization. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza will donate a portion of your fundraiser’s total sales back to your group. Finally, within 4-6 weeks after the event, expect a check in the mail for 15% of the total sales from your event.


Get this: you can hold an unlimited amount of fundraisers at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, so feel free to make it a monthly or quarterly tradition!

Close-up of crispy pizza with tomatoes and peppers at an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza fundraising event

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Is a Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraising event right for me?

Yes, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is the perfect place for a fundraiser! First of all, you’ll be in pizza heaven. If you haven’t tried their margherita pizzas, you’re in for a treat! Not digging pizza? No problem! Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza also offers delicious roasted chicken wings. Each one of your attendees will find something they love on the menu. Vegetarians will also find a perfect match. There are gluten-friendly options too! For more info about the selection, check out the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza website.


As if their pizza weren’t enough of a gift, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza makes it easy to raise money for your organization. With an average menu price of $15, 15% of each person’s total purchase means major profits for your group or organization.

Fire Up the Fundraising

Grab your friends, your neighbors, your family, the teachers from school, and everyone in between and head to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza for a delicious fundraiser that’s sure to be a huge hit! Come hungry to your Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza fundraising event-then leave as the Best. Fundraising Leader. Ever. Or, find the perfect fundraising fit among hundreds of other restaurants you can partner with instead!