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Three Benefits of Church Fundraisers with GroupRaise

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

It’s no secret that churches of all denominations do a lot of good in their community and beyond, from food and clothing drives to youth groups and more. But the cost of these programs can start to add up, which is where GroupRaise comes in. GroupRaise is perfect for church fundraisers because it not only raises money for your cause, but also helps foster community within the church.

It works like this: friends, family, and supporters gather at a local restaurant and come together over a delicious meal, and after the meal the restaurant donates a percentage of the total bill back to your cause! It is easy, fun, community based, and has so many potential benefits. Check out these three ways that churches are already using GroupRaise.

Youth Groups

Youth groups play a huge role in the lives and education of so many young people. Being a part of a youth group means going beyond learning about faith in a church setting and taking that learning out in the world on retreats, camps, team-building activities, and more. But transportation, lodging, and such activities are going to cost money. Hosting church fundraisers through GroupRaise can help alleviate some of the costs for families with children in youth groups, while simultaneously creating an opportunity for the kids and the families to bond over a meal. This time together could also be a chance for families to learn more about the programs and what their kids are doing with the youth group.


St. Joseph Catholic Church of Milton, Louisiana recently held a GroupRaise fundraiser to help support its youth group members who are attending Coverest this summer, a weeklong Christian retreat for young people. Eva, the organizer of the fundraiser, said,

“I really liked the GroupRaise fundraiser… I have done similar fundraising events with restaurants on my own and [this] made it so much easier… Thanks for all you have done for us.”

Community Programs

Churches also do good beyond the confines of their congregation through community outreach programs. Food and clothing drives help ward off hunger and cold from those less fortunate, many churches help support homeless shelters, and gift collections put smiles on the faces of underprivileged kids around the holiday season. Holding church fundraisers can contribute to make these efforts a little easier.


MCC Charlotte is a small church with a big impact. They have several of such community programs including a food pantry feeding local families and the Urban Ministry Center, a ministry for the homeless of downtown Charlotte, serving lunch and the Word to those in need. MCC Charlotte has utilized GroupRaise fundraisers to raise money in support of such programs. “We are a small congregation and fundraising may not always be a good option due to limited resources,” said Wanda, fundraiser organizer.

“With GroupRaise, we were able to invite family and friends to help us raise money…I would definitely use GroupRaise again because of the simplicity of making a time of eating together into a way to raise money for church.”

MCC Charlotte enjoyed using GroupRaise for their church fundraisers.

Mission Trips

Beyond the congregation, and even beyond the community, local churches can have a huge impact and benefit all over the globe. Mission trips can build homes, schools, dig wells, provide clean water, food, safety, and hope to people all around the world. But again, getting to these places and doing this work is going to cost a lot of money–every extra little bit helps.


Sulphur Community Church was planning a mission trip for June of 2016 to visit Naomi’s Village, an orphanage in Kenya, Africa. A few months before the departure date, the church held a GroupRaise fundraiser to raise money and help alleviate some of the costs of the trip.

Think These Church Fundraisers Would Benefit Your Congregation?

If it sounds like one of these church fundraisers would be perfect for your congregation, here’s all you have to do to plan your very own:


  1. Search for restaurants in your area (by city or zip).
  2. Select a restaurant, date, and time.
  3. Estimate the number of RSVPs.
  4. Press submit!



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The good work that churches do is felt by its members, the surrounding community, and the world at large, and every extra dollar plays a part in helping others. GroupRaise is an easy and fun way to raise money, raise awareness, and build a stronger faith community, all by simply sharing a meal together.