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Savor Signature Squares at a Buddy’s Pizza Fundraiser

Posted by Steven Keely

Among pizza fundraisers, a Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser is a fantastic choice for those living in Michigan. Imagine yourself taking a bite into Greektown, a Buddy’s Pizza signature Square. Tangy feta cheese melts in a mix with the mild Wisconsin variant, and not to exclude the flavors and textures of spinach, red onions, diced tomatoes and fresh dill. The base? Garlic parmesan. 


Now imagine sharing on social media with GroupRaise customized social media content. If they’ve been in Michigan at all, they know about Buddy’s Pizza. They may even have heard of the Buddy’s Pizza menu through national newspapers. It’ll be easy to get attendees and 20% of each lip-licking order goes to the nonprofit they like–yours! If you’re not a nonprofit organizer, no problem–share this article with someone working at a charity you cherish. Hosting a Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser is easy, fun, and delicious. 


You know what they say, right? Fundraiser pizza tastes better. That’s right, they say the warm glow of charity imbues with the cheese. That’s right, glowing charity cheese. You’ll see it at your Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser, so find out how to make one happen in this GroupRaise blog post!


Buddy’s Pizza signature Square


Everyone Loves A Good Pizza Fundraiser

A pizza fundraiser is a great way to raise funds. Why? It’s economically affordable and it is accessible to various dietary lifestyles as a tasty comfort food. Hot slices of pepperoni goodness abound at a pizza fundraiser. Oh but don’t forget to take a long sip of cold, carbonated and sweet soda after a bite of steamy melting cheese pizza. 


A pizza fundraiser is very socioeconomically accessible. The prices tend to be low in comparison with other restaurant types for the sheer amount of food provided. Everyone is familiar with pizza, and there are usually plenty of options to fit various dietary lifestyles–for vegetarians, vegans, and those who want food to be free of gluten.


Pizza is good with different sides, like wings, desserts, and fries. A pizza fundraiser flyer showing off pizza plus sides will rack up RSVPs like crazy! Learn more about customized social media content for your Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser below.


Pizza fundraisers afford lots of customization. Like at Buddy’s Pizza, where the zas are made from scratch and how the customer likes it. That means everyone can be satisfied, no one is left out (and no pizza slice is left on the table!).


So if you agree that a pizza fundraiser is a great way to raise funds, let’s chat about hosting it Detroit style!


Check the Buddy’s Pizza calendar, dare not one bit of delay–donations await!


Experience an accessible slice of Detroit, Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza made Detroit-style pizza. This happened back in 1946. What did Buddy’s do differently? They said, ‘We’ll do away with triangles! Squares from now on! Squares are a better delivery system for hot cheese and sauce and meat.’ Yup, that’s exactly what they said back then, and they’re right! Squares are better than triangles. Learn more about what makes Detroit-style better later on. 


Buddy’s Pizza Detroit-style pizza


The Buddy’s Pizza menu relies on zero shortcuts. That’s to ensure that friends, neighbors, and families can gather around to the best kind of pizza and enjoy themselves without worry. So what does the Buddy’s Pizza brand stand for? It’s simple. People deliberately visit this pizza chain when they visit Detroit. Why? The pizza! The original square-style, hand-crafted, ‘why do my hands no longer have a square in them?’ Silly, you ate it!


Check out the Sicilian signature square. Melted Wisconsin brick cheese, mild but nutty, meshes with the tangy, salty, savory layer of pepperoni you’ve been waiting for. But don’t forget the vegetables–green peppers, black olives, and cut up tomatoes. But the sauces and spices aren’t slackers either, a Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser displays ripe and red tomato basil sauce and Buddy’s savory blend of Sicilian spices. 


Delicious pizza that made Detroit just that much more proud, what a way to raise funds for a local Michigan community.


How Buddy’s Pizza fundraising works (smoothly!)

Let’s talk about how Buddy’s Pizza fundraising works in detail so you can get this meal up and running smoothly. Buddy’s Pizza locations are all over Michigan, so if you live there you shouldn’t have an issue finding a convenient shop. 


When could you have your Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser? Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday anytime between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.


To qualify for Buddy’s Pizza fundraising, show them your W-9 form. Just know that these groups do not qualify:

  • Individual Causes
  • For-Profit Ventures
  • Religious Groups for Religious purposes
  • Lobbying or Political Groups
  • Individual Study


With that in mind, the Buddy’s Pizza give back is a solid 20%, meaning 20% of all ticket sales go to your favored nonprofit. Just make sure 20 people show up to the meal, that’s the RSVP minimum!


Dine-in is definitely an option, along with delivery orders for lazy nights and curbside pick up as well as take-out orders. These are all ways to increase your Buddy’s Pizza donation count. Make sure you let people know about these options when you share on social media.


GroupRaise and Buddy’s Pizza have partnered together not just to streamline the process of setting up fundraisers and making the give back process transparent. This duo will send you customized social media content to make sure you gather as many attendees as can be!


  • A Fundraiser Flyer, physical and digital, to show people what they’d miss if they didn’t go! 
  • A Meal Page to circulate online, making it easy for people to click on a link and RSVP.
  • Text reminders leading up to meal day for people who RSVP’d, plus other content!


Do a quick search for Buddy’s Pizza locations near you that could host a meal and help your mission move forward. 


All you have to do is check this calendar, this Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser is going to be awesome.



Do It Detroit-Style With A Buddy’s Pizza Fundraiser

What makes a pizza Detroit style? What exactly did Buddy’s Pizza invent? Let’s chat about it. Obviously the iconic square shape is essential to a Detroit-style pizza, but no one ever talks about the layering, which is more intensive of a process than with oh-so-average triangles. The dough is double proofed and laid on a square pan, which means the dough stretches twice. 


Then, meat is laid on top of the dough, contrary to normal practice, which infuses the dough with the meat flavor. (I bet you’re already asking “is there a Buddy’s Pizza near me?”). Cheese goes next, melting as it does, with sprinkling being too light of a word for the portion used (thank the chefs later). The rest of the toppings come next, and finally, the savory sauce is drizzled on top. This tremendous kitchen craft is baked, and what you end up with is a stacked square with crunchy and cheesy corners. 


Considering what these masters of za have made, be sure to check out Buddy’s Pizza specials as they happen frequently, the chefs in the kitchen never stop switching it up (but the classic Signature Squares do remain). 


Enjoy Buddy’s Pizza for food and community’s sake

Buddy’s Pizza is famous across the country for originating the Detroit-style pizza, those squares of sauce and cheese and meat and more that we love so much. Stacked up high in Michigan, its proud home state, you can find Buddy’s Pizza locations there to share squares with friends, family, and neighbors. 


Host a Buddy’s Pizza fundraiser as soon as you can, those seats fill up fast. But the boxes of pizza empty fast too, so don’t be late to the event! The Buddy’s Pizza menu is a fan favorite for really good reasons, people spend money there and are happy about it! So go there and spend some money for pizza delights and nonprofit support (20% off ticket sales to be exact).


It takes 5 minutes or less, even 1, to send a date and time request to Buddy’s Pizza. Yup, it’s that easy.