How to Raise Money for your Cause with BurgerFi Fundraising

How to Raise Money for your Cause with BurgerFi Fundraising

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

If you’re in need of raising dough for your school, team, college club, church or charity, why not host a fundraiser at the hottest restaurant in town?


BurgerFi is known for their mouthwatering hamburgers, and now they’re giving back. When you host a BurgerFi fundraising event on behalf of your group or organization, you’ll get a pretty sweet reward: 20% donated back to you! Few things are better than tasty hamburgers – but the incredible combination of BurgerFi and fundraising takes hamburgers to the next level.


Now is the perfect time to host a BurgerFi fundraising event. Keep reading to learn how!

Infographic: BurgerFi fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

BurgerFi Fundraising: How It Works

Setting up your BurgerFi fundraising event takes just one minute. Here’s how:


  1. Choose your location
  2. Select a date and time
  3. Fill out some basic info about your organization
  4. Click submit!



Whether you’re part of a college club, church, sports team, or PTA, you can fundraise with BurgerFi – all groups are welcome! Get that request sent at least 2 weeks before your intended fundraising date so that the restaurant has time to respond to your request.


Once your event is confirmed, it’s time to spread the word and gather RSVPs. Attendees can be family, friends, group members, or anyone that will come to support your event. The more people you bring, the merrier! Are you a first-time fundraiser or looking to boost the attendance of your event? Check out our top tips and tricks for How to Host a Successful Fundraiser.


On the event day, come with your friends, family, supporters, and appetite! Just make sure attendees mention that they’re with your organization and the restaurant will handle the rest. Then, 4-6 weeks after your event, you will find a check in your mailbox for 20% of the total amount spent. It’s as easy as that!


You can hold as many BurgerFi fundraising events as you want. Go ahead and request your next one, if you like!

Delicious double cheeseburger and fries at a BurgerFi fundraising event

Image by Jonathan Borba from Unsplash

Why fundraise at BurgerFi?

To start, the hamburgers and other options at BurgerFi will wow your attendees. From gourmet cheeseburgers to milkshakes, every last item on the menu is made with only the freshest ingredients.


All your supporters will be able to find something they love. They have vegetarian options, so there will be something for everyone. There are gluten-friendly dishes too! See the BurgerFi website for more info about their tasty offerings.


Plus, with an average menu price of $5, BurgerFi is a great budget-friendly fundraising option.

What are you waiting for?

There’s nothing better than enjoying tasty hamburgers and giving back to your favorite cause at the same time. Find a participating BurgerFi or another nearby restaurant and book your group’s fundraiser today!