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Raising Money for School with a California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

We all know that there is more to going to school than simply a classroom education–there are clubs, sports, organizations… a whole array of extracurricular activities. A fun and easy way to spread the word about these extracurriculars, increase participation, and help with the budget is through a California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser. Check out these other groups who’ve had awesome success raising money for school simply by eating out at CPK!


A No Brainer

It’s great that they generously donate 20% back!  We had a wonderful experience!” -Jennifer, Corner Lake Archery Team

Here’s how the California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser works: once you book your date, you get together with friends, family, teachers, peers, parents, etc. and share some mouthwatering pizza. After the meal, CPK donates 20% of your total bill back to your cause! Students and parents all over the country are using the restaurant fundraiser when raising money for school because it’s hassle free, fun, and delicious! 


Time to Mingle

This style of fundraiser is great not just because it raises money, but also because it is a social affair. Students get to hangout with their friends and parents meet other parents, teachers, and kids’ friends. It is the perfect setting to have fun and be social–you might even forget that you’re raising money for school!

Our dining experience was great—it was a very nice, social atmosphere where the science club students and their parents, etc. could enjoy the good food while earning money back for the club’s needs.” – Jennifer, Fremd High School Science Club 

Fremd High School Science club had a blast raising money for school at California Pizza Kitchen.

Get the Word Out

An added benefit of the mingling is raising awareness to other parents, other students, and so on about the awesome things that the organization is doing. This isn’t only informative, but also might increase student participation in that activity, club, or sport, get other parents involved in the PTA, and build a bigger and more prominent school presence.

“We use restaurant nights as a way to raise money, bond as a group, and get our name out there.” – Katie, Saugus Literary Magazine

Food for Everyone

CPK is the perfect venue for a K-12 fundraiser because it has a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, and everyone loves pizza. Not to mention the fact that their menu offers a wide variety of gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian options, and they are super attentive to any allergies of their customers.

My experience was great. I actually have celiac disease and their certified gluten free pizza was tasty, and it was good to know that it was safe.” – Nicole, Glenwood Elementary

Nicole went on to say that a California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser is a “win-win” – every parent could use a night off from cooking and cleaning. Why not raise a little money while you’re at it?


Would You Fundraise with CPK Again?

Here are just a few of the responses we got when we asked users if they would fundraise again.

“Yes, definitely because the process was easy to organize, there was plenty of support for questions regarding the fundraiser, and it was an easy and social way to earn money without bothering people to buy anything.” -Jennifer, Fremd High School Science Club


“I would definitely fundraise there again. They were so helpful and easy and very accommodating. We also made a good amount of money.” -Katie, Saugus Literary Magazine


“We would definitely fundraise at CPK again because it is popular with the students, and it helps us raise money for our program.  It was easy to set up and had no surprises.” -Jennifer, Corner Lake Archery Team

It’s easy to see how simple (and fun!) it is to accomplish your fundraising goals with a great option like California Pizza Kitchen. Simply put by Annemarie of Palm Springs High ASB, “I would love to fundraise again at CPK.”


Are you raising money for school?

Setting up a California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser is super simple–it takes just one minute. If raising money for school for your kids using CPK sounds like a great option, here’s all it takes to book your very own:


  1. Search for CPK Locations in your area (by city or zip)
  2. Select date and time
  3. Estimate the number of RSVPs
  4. Press submit!


Just like that, you’ll be sharing pizza and raising money in no time!