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Cheerleading fundraiser at Jason’s Deli: even cheerleaders need supporters!

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

The Madison Memorial Cheerleaders and their supporters gathered at Jason’s Deli in Madison, for an afternoon of delicious food while raising funds for their upcoming cheer events. They had a wonderful time and they shared their experience with us. Meet this beautiful girls and learn from their first cheerleading fundraiser!

A portion of the Madison Memorial Varsity Cheerleading Team

Money doesn’t grow on trees

This is an important lesson the team has learned. “Like many groups and/or teams there are always financial struggles and fundraising is a part of what makes the team . . . We have many [cheerleaders], from year to year, who require financial assistance for summer camps, competitions and, if fortunate enough, to receive a bid for National UCA Cheer competition held at Walt Disney World. All of these activities come with a cost” – Says Kim, Assistant Varsity Coach.

It’s not only about raising money

Kim also told us about some additional effects of holding a cheerleading fundraiser. We were so glad to hear they also cheer for each other. “This team has a passion to provide spirit and leadership for the high school and continue to mentor new cheerleaders as well as empower leadership throughout the student body. Fundraising allows the team to understand the aspect of helping others as well as themselves. It strengthens the team as a whole and brings them together as a family.”

A strategy that never fails

The Madison Memorial Cheerleaders brought over 65 people to their event! We asked them what the strategy was to surpass their estimated attendance of 25 so successfully and they shared their secret sauce with us. They brought their crowd with a simple but effective word of mouth. Kim also added, “our Athletic Director took to social media the day of the event to make the school community aware to come and support.


Hooray for food and play

Lastly, Kim commented “This was our first Group Raise event and funds will certainly be added to continue to assist those on the team for the upcoming camps, competitions and hopefully our second bid for the National Competition held in February 2018 . . . Thank you for the opportunity to help our team.”