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Give Back with Baby Back Ribs: Chili’s Fundraising

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

Love their baby-back ribs and need to raise money for a good cause? Chili’s fundraising is a great option for your group or organization. This blog post will outline the steps and benefits of hosting a Give Back Event with Chili’s, as well as introduce you to a similar restaurant-style fundraiser with On The Border.


Chili’s Fundraising

Chili's fundraising is a great way to get together with friends and family for your favorite cause.

Chili’s holds strong family and community values, and the Give Back Event is their way to give back. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a fundraising date with the desired restaurant location
  2. Tell all potential supporters about the event and distribute Give Back Event vouchers
  3. During the event, the supporters dine with fellow participants
  4. After the event, the restaurant will donate a percentage of the total bill to your organization


To request a fundraiser with Chili’s, first submit a Give Back Event Application to the General Manager of your local Chili’s franchise at least 5 weeks before your desired fundraising date.


If everything checks out, the manager will get back in touch with you to confirm your application and set a date for any day of the week from Monday to Thursday. Chili’s fundraising is an all day event–participants can come at any point during the day and their meal will count toward the total bill.


After the date has been set, you just need to spread the word! The more folks who participate means more funding for your cause. We highly recommend using social media to spread the word–create a Facebook group for the event so that your friends can easily invite their friends! You will have received a Give Back Event voucher to distribute to your supporters, so be sure to share this with them as well.


On the day of the event, guests must present their event voucher, either printed out or on a cellphone, for their sale to count toward the event. Chili’s will then donate 15% of the total sales from the day back to your organization. With average meal prices at $14, this can add up quickly!


The best way to build relationships is by sharing a meal. Chili’s fundraising is not just one of the most simple and easy fundraising ideas–it’s a reason for people to get together and celebrate being part of a community.


On The Border Fundraising

An awesome alternative option for Chili’s fundraising is the On The Border fundraiser. In addition to serving up tasty Mexican cuisine, On The Border hosts restaurant fundraisers to help promote and support organizations within the community. To do so, On The Border partnered with GroupRaise, an online platform that makes organizing a restaurant fundraiser a breeze.

On the Border fundraising is an excellent alternative to Chili's fundraising.

To make a fundraiser request to On The Border, just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Select a location near you
  2. Choose a date and time
  3. Press submit!


Your fundraiser request must be made at least two weeks before the date of the event. Again, it is a great idea to make a Facebook group and utilize other social media to promote the fundraiser. For even more tips on how to maximize fundraising potential, check out our Ultimate Fundraising Guide.


On the day of the event, participants arrive, dine, and have a good time with friends over some delicious fajitas. Supporters just come to On The Border within the predetermined time frame and let the restaurant know that they are participating in the fundraiser for their sales to count toward the total bill. No vouchers or flyers necessary!


Within 4 to 6 weeks after the fundraiser, On The Border will donate 20% of the total sales from that day to your organization by mailing a check. With an average meal price of $16, you’re sure to raise some cash for your cause!


Like Chili’s, On The Border fundraising is an easy to organize, fun, social way to raise money for your group. Click here to visit their fundraising page!

Some delicious $2 tacos are a feature of On The Border fundraising, similar to Chili's fundraising!


TL;DR? Here is a quick comparison of these two awesome fundraising options:

Percent Donated:

  • Chili’s: 15%
  • On The Border: 20%

Average Meal Price:

  • Chili’s: $14
  • On The Border: $16

Time Needed in Advance:

  • Chili’s: 5 weeks
  • On The Border: 2 weeks


  • Chili’s: participants must provide vouchers
  • On The Border: not required


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