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The Sweetest Treat: A Dairy Queen Fundraiser

Posted by Kathryn Davis

If you’re anything like us, your warm weather calendar is a little hectic. But between the hikes and sunbathing, there’s always time for the cherry on top of a great summer’s day: Ice cream!

When you host a Dairy Queen fundraiser on behalf of your nonprofit group or organization, you’ll get a pretty sweet treat: 15% donated back to you! This article will get you informed on how!

The Dairy Queen fundraiser is an awesome option for clubs looking for a sweet deal.

A Piece of Cake-Batter Blizzard

Few things are better than a cold ice cream on a warm day–but fundraising with Dairy Queen is almost as sweet! DQ has been serving up sweet treats since 1940, and now they’re giving back.

Setting up your event takes less than 1 minute. All you’ll need to do is:

  1. Choose a DQ location and a date that’s convenient for your group and its supporters
  2. Fill out some basic info about your organization
  3. Scream for ice cream: Spread the word about the fundraiser to neighbors, friends, and other supporters
  4. Eat and earn 15% back on your group’s total Dairy Queen purchases on the day of your event!

After that, all your group members will need to do is choose which Blizzard to order on the day of your event!

The Dairy Queen fundraiser is perfect for schools, charities, college clubs and more!

More Deets on the Dairy Queen Fundraiser

Once you’ve submitted your selected dates and information 2 weeks in advance of your fundraiser, it’s smooth sailing. No need to rally volunteers for a hard day’s work decorating car wash posters or baking.

With a Dairy Queen fundraiser, you’ll spend the days leading up to your event spreading the word by posting on social media, reaching out to friends and family, and shouting from the rooftops until all your supporters have heard the best news ever: “Come eat ice cream for a great cause!”

There’s no set up, no clean up (unless you count your shirt after that second hot fudge sundae…), and no hassle. Show up on the day of your event with everyone you love, tell the cashier that you’ve come to support your group’s cause, and then buckle in for a brain freeze!

In the weeks following your event, you’ll receive a check from Dairy Queen for 15% of the sales made in the name of your organization.

The Bottom of the Cone

Two things your supporters love: ice cream and your organization.

Dairy Queen is working hard to help you get funding for your group and ice cream for your belly. With Dairy Queen fundraising, your group will earn and enjoy a real treat.