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Donatos Pizza Fundraising – Pizza for a Cause

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

If you’re looking to fundraise for your charity, school, or college club, some delicious pizza is just the ticket!


Did you know that Donatos Pizza does fundraisers? When your group or organization hosts a Donatos Pizza fundraising event, 15% of your supporter’s orders will be donated back to your cause.


Read on to learn everything you need to know about hosting a fundraising event with Donatos Pizza, as well as why you would want to.

Infographic: Donatos Pizza fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

How Donatos Pizza Fundraising Works

Making a request takes just 1 min:


  1. Choose a Donatos Pizza location
  2. Select a date and time that works well for your group
  3. Fill in your group information and estimate how many people will RSVP
  4. Click Submit. Simple, right?



Any group can fundraise: college clubs, churches, school PTAs, you name it! Keep in mind, you will need to request your fundraiser at least 2 weeks in advance. Then, the restaurant will have 1 week to respond to your request. The sooner you book, the sooner it gets approved, and the sooner you can start promoting your fundraiser!


Once your event is approved, it’s time to promote! Spread the word to all your supporters and send them to your event’s unique Meal Page, where they can RSVP and learn more about the event. Is this your first time fundraising? No worries, holding a restaurant fundraiser is actually pretty easy. Check out our tips on how to promote and host a successful fundraiser.


On the day of your event, just show up and get ready to enjoys some tasty pizza! Let the restaurant staff know that you are dining in support of your group and 15% of your order will go towards your cause. Finally, within 4-6 weeks after your fundraiser, Donatos Pizza will send your organization a check for 15% of the sales from your group.


Plus, you can hold as many Donatos Pizza fundraising events as you want. Go ahead and request your next one, if you like!

Close-up of a pizza with pepperoni and olives at a Donatos Pizza fundraising event

Image by Carissa Gan from Unsplash

Why host a Donatos Pizza fundraising event?

Your group will love the high-quality ingredients and wide variety of pizza at Donatos Pizza. If there’s anything that can draw a crowd, it’s wonderful pizza. Each one of your attendees will find something they love on the menu, whether its classic pepperoni pizza or veggie pizza. There are plenty of vegetarian options. There are options for gluten-free eaters too! For more info about the selection, check out the Donatos Pizza website.


In addition to their incredible food, consider this: with an average menu price of $7, Donatos Pizza is a great fundraising option for families or college students on a budget.

Fire Up the Fundraising!

With a 15% donation back for each event, a passion for bringing families together, and fresh, tasty options, Donatos Pizza definitely offers a delicious way for you to fundraise.