Dunkin Donuts Fundraiser vs Cinnabon Fundraiser: Sweet Fundraising

Dunkin Donuts Fundraiser vs Cinnabon Fundraiser: Sweet Fundraising

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

Millions across the country love to start the morning with a hot cup of coffee, and now they can give back to their communities while they do so! The Dunkin Donuts Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a good cause while simultaneously helping participants fuel their day with coffee and delicious donuts. 


This blog post will explain all the ins-and-outs of hosting a fundraiser with Dunkin Donuts, as well as introduce you to another sweet-tooth fundraiser with Cinnabon.


The Dunkin Donuts Fundraiser

There are actually a couple ways you can do a Dunkin Donuts fundraiser:

  1. Dine to donate
  2. Sponsorship or donation request
  3. Order-taker fundraiser

Keep reading to find out how these fundraising strategies work!


COVID-19 Update: Fundraising with both Dunkin Donuts and Cinnabon is still possible and safe! Dine to donate fundraisers can work with drive thru, curbside pickup, carry-out, and delivery. All of your supporters will be able to order in the method that makes them most comfortable. What’s more, fundraisers bring extra business to restaurants when they could really use it. Learn more about restaurant fundraising during COVID here.

Colorful assorted donuts at a Dunkin Donuts fundraiser

Image by cherylvb from Adobe


Dunkin Donuts Dine to Donate

Sipping a nice cup of joe and munching on donuts can actually benefit your favorite cause at the same time!


As part of a dine to donate fundraiser, you and your supporters order your favorite treats from Dunkin Donuts and the restaurant donates back 20% of sales to your cause!


Here’s how to set it up on GroupRaise in just one minute:

  1. Choose a location near you
  2. Select a date and time
  3. Include some info about your group
  4. Click submit!

Pretty easy, right? You can choose from thousands of fundraising restaurants on the GroupRaise platform, including Cinnabon, Dairy Queen, Oberweis, Corner Bakery Cafe, and more!


If you don’t see a Dunkin location near you, no problem. Dunkin Donuts are all independently operated, so you can still take a few more steps to contact the restaurant owner yourself. When you search for locations on the Dunkin website, you’ll see each location’s phone number, which you can use to contact them about fundraising opportunities. Make sure to reach out at least 3 weeks in advance to give the restaurant enough time to respond.


Dunkin Donuts Sponsorships & Donation Requests

The FAQ section of their website states, “Dunkin’ Donuts does not accept unsolicited requests for corporate sponsorships or donations, including product donations.” However, on the local restaurant level, you may find an owner willing to sponsor your organization or make a donation.


Donations could be in the form of gift cards, food, or cash. Again, you’ll need to contact the restaurant owner directly to find out if they’re open to the idea.


Dunkin Order-Taker Fundraiser

In the past, some organizations have been able to do order-taker fundraisers with Dunkin Donuts.


An order-taker fundraiser is just like a Girl Scout fundraiser, but instead of selling Thin Mints and Samoas, participants sell hazelnut coffee and chocolate-frosted donuts. This is a great option for groups whose supporters are spread out and can’t easily get together at the same place and time to fundraise.


Here’s how the money is raised: your organization spends $6 on each pound of Dunkin Donuts’ coffee or dozen donuts respectively, then participating members sell the coffee $9 per pound or dozen. Sales are made by order forms to friends, family, coworkers, etc., raising $3 per individual sale for your organization.


This type of fundraiser may not be available anymore, but you can find out if your Dunkin Donuts location supports order-taker fundraisers by calling them directly. 


Rows of frosted cinnamon rolls on a baking sheet at a Cinnabon fundraiser

Image courtesy of Cinnabon


The Cinnabon Fundraiser: Dine to Donate

Looking for more sweet fundraising options? Just like their counterparts at Dunkin, Cinnabon has delectable treats that can do more than satisfy your taste buds.


For the Cinnabon Dine to Donate Fundraiser, participants order from a Cinnabon location during a predetermined time window to feast on some delicious sweets. After the fundraiser, Cinnabon donates 15-33% of the total sales from the event back to your organization!


Cinnabon is partnered with GroupRaise, offering simple and fun restaurant fundraisers you can book online in a few minutes. Setting up a Cinnabon Dine to Donate Fundraiser is super easy!

  1. Search for a location near you
  2. Select a date and time
  3. Tell us about your group
  4. Press submit!


Fundraiser requests must be made at least two weeks before your desired fundraising date. This is to give the restaurant location time to prepare for the fundraiser as well as to give your organization time to spread the word to as many potential supporters as possible, maximizing the money raised and the fun had on the day of the event.


When the fundraising day arrives, you and your supporters go to Cinnabon during the given time frame to enjoy a cup of coffee along with some sweet treats. Make sure the fundraising participants let the restaurant know that they are a part of the fundraiser and their sales will count toward the total bill. 4-6 weeks later, your organization will receive a check in the mail with the donation from Cinnabon.


Fundraising with Cinnabon requires very little legwork for the fundraising coordinator and it’s simple and fun for supporters too! The Cinnabon Fundraiser is a great fundraising idea for groups–it is a perfect reason to enjoy a guilt-free treat while simultaneously helping your organization.


Need More?

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