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Your Guide to Eureka Fundraising

Posted by Bridget Letts

It’s here: the combination of fantastic American food and fun community fundraising.


Eureka serves up incredible food. They are also committed to building strong roots within the local community, so when your group or organization hosts a Eureka fundraising event, you’ll walk away with a whopping 15% of your supporters’ total purchases.


We’ll give you the full run-down on the whos, whats, and hows, and why Eureka fundraising is perfect for your group.

Infographic: Eureka fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

Requesting a Eureka Fundraising Event

Follow the steps below to set up your own Eureka fundraising event; it only takes 1 minute!


  1. Choose your Eureka location
  2. Select a date and time that’s convenient for your group
  3. Provide some basic information about your organization
  4. Submit!



Get that request sent at least 2 weeks before your intended fundraising date so that the restaurant has time to respond to your request. Whether you’re part of a college club, church, sports team, or PTA, you can fundraise with Eureka – all groups are welcome!


After your event is confirmed, it’s time to start promoting – get people excited about your event! Share your unique Meal Page with all your supporters and spread the word on social media. Is this your first time fundraising? No worries, holding a restaurant fundraiser is actually pretty easy. Check out our tips on how to promote and host a successful fundraiser.


Next, your attendees just need to show up during your event’s time slot and tell the restaurant staff they’re dining to support your cause. No setup, no teardown, no hassle – just tell everyone to show up hungry. Everyone will be dying to get some tasty food!¬†When the lights go down on the day of your fundraiser, Eureka will calculate your group’s total earnings. Then, within 4-6 weeks, your group will receive a check with its earnings.


Get this: you can hold as many Eureka fundraising events as you want. Go ahead and request your next one, if you like!

Why fundraise at Eureka?

Eureka is a great place for a fundraiser because of their mouth-watering food. Gourmet cheeseburgers, fried chicken sliders – they’ve got all the delicious tastes and flavors you’ve come to love! Everyone will find something they enjoy on the menu. That includes vegetarian-friendly choices. To learn more, view the menu on the Eureka website.


As if their food weren’t enough of a gift, Eureka makes it easy to raise money for your organization. With an average menu price of $13, 15% of each person’s total purchase means major profits for your group or organization.

Bring Your Community Together at Eureka

A Eureka fundraising event is perfect for groups that value spending time with one another. There is no better way to connect with people than to come together over delicious American food for an awesome cause.