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Fraternity fundraisers at restaurants combine fun with philanthropy

Posted by Jessica Voorhees

The Lambda Theta Phi Latin fraternity at San Diego State University is the first and largest Latino fraternity in the nation, and the group works to empower other Latin students by promoting education and serving as good role models.


They host fraternity fundraisers for their national philanthropy, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, to support the Ready 2 Lead program, which will send seven Latino students to Washington D.C. for a one week experience. The trip aims to inspire the students to finish high school and pursue college degrees. The cause is important to the fraternity, which strives to promote unity among all Latinos and celebrate cultural heritage, while cultivating values of leadership, brotherhood and scholarship.


Lambda Men is committed to promote and advance great causes that live up to the values and ideals of the fraternity,” the group wrote in an Instagram post. “We are committed to developing the next generation of Latin leaders.”

Lambda Theta Phi hosts fraternity fundraisers for their national philanthropy, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Giving back with fraternity fundraisers

To support their national philanthropy and the dreams of high school Latinos, the Lambda Theta Phi fraternity held a fundraiser at Epic Wings N’ Things near the SDSU campus. The restaurant is one of their favorite spots to get together and grab a meal. The group set out with a goal to raise money for the Ready 2 Lead program, and they promoted their fundraiser on social media to make sure their supporters came out to enjoy some of the joint’s signature, spicy wings.


Fraternity member Mauro Abel Ordiano said the event garnered more people than he expected, from his fraternity brothers to alumni to event students from a different university. He enjoyed meeting old and new friends, who wanted to support his cause.


“It had been a while that we all had met up and this dinner was a great reunion,” Mauro said. “We all got to bond more over our love for fine wings at Wings N’ Things and supporting our fraternity.”

Fraternity fundraisers: the way Lambda Theta Phi managed to raise funds over while enjoying awesome food

The group met their fundraising goal with the help of Wings N’ Things, which donated 20% of sales from the fundraiser to the fraternity. Lambda Theta Phi felt glad to not only connect with others in the community and share their goals over some juicy wings, but hit their mark to give back to a cause they all care about through fraternity fundraisers.


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