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Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Posted by Katie Tincello

Coming together as a club to raise funds for your team can be a great bonding activity and should definitely be something fun and enjoyable. Fundraising isn’t always just about the money – building a strong club sentiment is just as important, and choosing the right fundraising ideas for clubs can be challenging when there are so many different ideas to consider.


The best fundraising ideas for clubs are those which are the easiest to organise and an activity that all the club members can take part in and enjoy! Smaller clubs may have less available resources to spend on fundraiser events, so choosing a fundraiser that requires less effort and cost to host is ideal.


The club fundraising ideas we’ve put together in this article are all options designed to give you and your club the best experience when fundraising – fun, effective, and free to do!


Fundraising ideas for school clubs

There are many great fundraising ideas for school clubs to choose from for your fundraiser event. Chances are, your classmates will love to get involved with fundraising activities, so make sure to choose a fun idea that everyone can take part in!


As with other fundraising ideas for clubs, the best events for school clubs are those which require few resources but can gain a big audience. Not only is a fundraiser a great opportunity to raise funds, but it can also spread awareness of your club and attract new members.


Make sure to choose an activity that your peers will enjoy – consider what sort of fundraiser you would like to take part in? And don’t forget to publicise it all over school and campus with some flyers!


Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for school clubs for you to choose from.


Fundraising ideas for high school clubs

There are lots of good fundraising ideas for high school clubs to choose from that are all fun and easy to organize.


Bake Sale

A bake sale is one of the most popular fundraising ideas out there! It’s the perfect fundraising idea for high school clubs because it is very easy to organize and always goes down a storm with other kids at school.


Put those culinary skills to work and bake up some goods to sell at lunch break to other students. A bake sale is always a successful fundraiser, and everyone can enjoy some delicious treats!


vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting. bake sale fundraising ideas for clubs

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


Restaurant Fundraiser 

Another food-themed fundraising idea for high-school clubs is a restaurant fundraiser. A restaurant fundraiser is incredibly easy to organize and means that you and all your friends can get together to enjoy great food for a good cause!


With GroupRaise, clubs can choose from one of the many local restaurants giving back in your area to host a fundraiser. Select a day and place, and a percentage of sales will be donated back to your cause!



Sports event or challenge 

High school kids love being active, so why not put that to use with a sponsored sports event? Organise a team challenge, such as setting a distance for a row-a-thon, or everyone volunteers to run 5k in an in person or virtual ‘relay’. 


All participants could donate a set amount, or you could get sponsorship from friends and family to raise for your cause. Host it somewhere people can see you working hard, such as the playground or sports hall, and don’t be afraid to go all out!


Young man using rowing machine part of a sports challenge fundraising ideas for clubs

Photo by Bastien Plu on Unsplash


Fundraising ideas for college clubs

Fundraising ideas for college clubs can be a little more ambitious if you have more resources at hand! Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for college clubs to choose from.


Movie night

Take advantage of your campus setting and put on an open-air movie night to raise funds. A movie night is a good fundraising idea for college clubs because it can attract a big audience and raise a lot for your cause.


It may require a little extra planning, such as asking permission, sourcing a projector, and publicising tickets, but it will certainly be worth it!


Woman eating popcorn on the couch and covered in popcorn. Netflix party fundraising ideas for clubs

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


Potluck fundraiser

There’s no better way to raise for your cause than with a food-themed fundraiser! A potluck is one of the best fundraising ideas for clubs in college. It’s a great way to get all your members and supporters together for an evening of fun.


Ask volunteers to bring food items and charge a small donation fee for attendees. Even better if people bring a dish unique to them, or you could make the evening themed!


Women standing around kitchen table drinking red wine and eating cheese and cold meats

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash


Restaurant fundraiser 

Another foodie fundraiser! A restaurant fundraiser is one of the best fundraising ideas for clubs in college because it is so simple to put together and appeals to everyone.


Get your friends together and choose one of the local restaurants giving back near you to host your event. A percentage of sales on the day will then be donated back to your cause!



Fundraising ideas for sports clubs

There are many fundraising ideas for sports clubs you can choose from to raise for your cause.


Sponsored sports event

Put those sports skills to the test with a fun sponsored sports event! A sports event could be something like a charity basketball match or a showcase for a cheer club. You can charge tickets to raise money and show-off your skills.


Alternatively, take it to the next level by joining another team and going head to head in a match as a more competitive fundraising idea for soccer clubs, cheer, or basketball teams!


Make it fun by pitting different disciplines against each other, such as cheer vs football, and choose a neutral port like baseball!


Restaurant fundraiser

All that exercise requires refuelling! Organise a restaurant fundraiser for club members and enjoy some time off the pitch to socialise.


There are lots of local restaurants available for takeout that are giving back, so there will be something to suit all tastes!



three burgers with fries and a sandwich with vegetables. Restaurant fundraiser fundraising ideas for clubs

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Stash fundraiser

All sports club members love to wear their colours! Why not turn this into a fundraising event by creating stash for the team and selling them to raise funds. 


Your team stash could include t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, caps, tote bags, or even towels for a swim team. You will need to find a company to make the stash for you and send out forms to the team to get their size and colour requests. 


One company that does this is, but there are many different companies that create customizable products. 


Virtual fundraising ideas for clubs

If you’re still restricted by social distancing measures, fear not. There are lots of great virtual fundraising ideas for clubs that are just as fun and effective as in-person events!


A virtual event can sometimes be more effective because it allows people to take part wherever they are. Similarly, there are now so many online resources available to help you plan your event that you will have no trouble setting it up and directing people to support your cause.


Resources such as online funding pages, social media, Zoom and virtual meet channels are all great tools to have ready to help you host your virtual fundraiser.


Explore more tips and resources for online fundraising in this article.


Virtual fundraising ideas for school clubs

The following ideas are suitable fundraising ideas during covid for school clubs. They are still great fun and will bring people together virtually for a good cause.


Netflix Party

If you can’t go out to the movies, bring the cinema to you! Kick back and enjoy a movie night via Netflix Party, where you can watch a film and chat with your friends at the same time.


Netflix Party is one of the best virtual fundraising ideas for school clubs. All you need to do is set up an event on Netflix Party and send out invites. Charge people for tickets, and don’t forget the popcorn!


Takeout fundraiser

Restaurants are now offering fundraisers via takeout, delivery, drive-thru, and curbside pickup, making it a great fundraising idea during covid for clubs.


Club members can get their whole families involved and everyone will enjoy a night of good food without the cooking or the cleaning up! Choose a restaurant for your event and a percentage of all sales made with your event code will be donated back to your cause.



Restaurant table filled with two pizzas a green salad, fries and chicken wings

Photo by Davey Gravy on Unsplash


Social Media Challenge

Remember the ice bucket challenge? Take advantage of social media to create a virtual challenge that everyone can take part in. 


All you need to do is think up a challenge, record yourself doing it, then post it on your social media and tag the next nominee. Everyone who takes part has to donate to your chosen cause, and the fundraising keeps going until you’ve run out of people to tag!


Virtual fundraising ideas for college clubs

These online fundraising ideas for college clubs will bring fun and funds to your club members and friends, regardless of social distancing!


Online Quiz Night

Take the competition online with a virtual quiz night! An online quiz is one of the easiest virtual fundraising ideas for college clubs to organize. There are lots of pre-made quizzes online, and all you need to do is set up a zoom link to host the quiz.


Charge participants a fee for joining in and offer a small prize to the winner.


Restaurant takeout fundraiser 

A take-out fundraiser is perfect for socially distanced fundraising. Enjoy delicious food from your favorite local restaurants from the comfort of your dorm, while fundraising at the same time!


Book a day at your chosen restaurant and you will be given a code for everyone to make their orders.



Campus Photo competition

Get outside, enjoy your campus, and raise funds at the same time! A photo competition is another great socially distanced fundraising idea because it’s very easy to put together.


Publicise the contest and provide an email or link for participants to send their photos to. Charge a fee for entrants and reward the top three photos with a prize. 


You could also add a theme to make it more fun, and don’t forget to publish all the photos at the end in celebration of your campus!


Man un forest taking a photo with his camera facing us. Part of a campus photo competition, one fundraising idea for clubs

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Over to you!

As you can see, there are so many good fundraising ideas for clubs to choose from that you probably have too much choice! Hopefully, you now feel ready to start organizing your fundraiser event, whether virtually or in person, to raise money for your cause.


Don’t forget to check out restaurants near you where you can host your restaurant fundraiser event. There are lots to choose from, and many have covid-friendly options too. Click the link below to find your local restaurant partners.



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