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Get ready for National Nonprofit Day 2022!

Posted by Katie Tincello

Have you heard of national nonprofit day? Whether you’re part of a nonprofit or not, this is an event everyone should know about!


Nonprofits play a vital role in our society, and as of a few years ago there is now a whole day to recognize and celebrate the work that nonprofits and their volunteers do.


National nonprofit day is a hugely important event for both nonprofits and the wider community. For nonprofit organizations, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of their work and to encourage people to support and donate. For individuals, this day should be a day to thank those who are working so hard to help the people who need it most.


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There are many ways to celebrate national nonprofit day this year, be that in your local community, as part of a group, or as an individual who wants to give back and show gratitude. We’ve put some ideas together in this article to help you prepare for national nonprofit day 2022 and say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all those dedicated volunteers!


Happy National Nonprofit Day!

Nonprofit organizations are a huge part of our lives and play a fundamental role in supporting the community. Did you know that over 25% of the US population volunteers for a nonprofit during the year?


December is traditionally seen as the ‘month of giving’ because people will often increase their support for nonprofit organizations and charities ahead of the festive season. However, national nonprofit day lands in August, a perfect mid-year reminder to get involved and support your local nonprofit groups. 


August is the perfect month for national nonprofit day: the sun is shining and everyone is in a positive summer mood, ready to get stuck into community events and fundraisers! A national nonprofit day event can be a great end-of-the-holidays celebration as kids head back to school too.


Nonprofit groups can take advantage of the good summer weather to set up a ‘Happy National Nonprofit Day’ fundraiser event aimed at kids and families. Individuals and groups can also celebrate national nonprofit day 2022 with a fundraiser or a community-wide recognition event for nonprofit volunteers as a thank you and celebration.


What is national nonprofit day?

So, what is national nonprofit day exactly?


National nonprofit day is a day dedicated to nonprofit organizations, designed to draw attention to the work they’re doing in the community and the causes they support. 


The value of nonprofits shouldn’t be overlooked. These charities help those who are less fortunate, struggling, or in need of extra support. They are predominantly made up of volunteers who give up their time to help others, and their work can have a huge impact on people’s lives.


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Celebrating national nonprofit day is something that all local communities should do as a recognition of the work of volunteers and of the impact that these organizations have. It is also a great opportunity for nonprofits to arrange fundraiser events as a ‘Happy National Nonprofit Day’. Beyond this, it is also a key opportunity for nonprofit groups to raise awareness of their cause and campaign for more support.


Check out this blog for some tips for how to raise awareness of a cause as a nonprofit.


So what are you waiting for? Get your community together to celebrate national nonprofit day 2022 and say ‘thank you’ to those who are helping serve your community!


When is national nonprofit day?

A good question!


National nonprofit day 2022 is on August 17th, which this year is a Wednesday. August 17th was chosen for celebrating national nonprofit day because it is the day that the 1894 Tariff Act was signed into law. This act is commonly known for its Federal tax laws, but it also fundamentally established the tax exemption for nonprofits. This law has remained in place for the past 126 years, allowing nonprofits to better carry out their work across the country.


National nonprofit day is only a relatively recent event. The first year national nonprofit day was held was 2016, making it only 8 years old this year – even more of a reason to host your own national nonprofit day 2022 celebration and spread the importance of recognising our nonprofits! 


How to celebrate national nonprofit day 

There are many ways to celebrate national nonprofit day, either as a nonprofit organization, community, group, or individual. 


Local communities and groups should look to organize a celebration that recognises the work of nonprofits and volunteers as a thank you. A charity group could arrange a fundraiser event as a ‘Happy National Nonprofit Day’ activity and encourage people to get more involved with nonprofit work on this particular day of increased awareness.


Here are some great ideas for how to celebrate national nonprofit day:


Blue ribbon event

A ‘blue ribbon’ event is an easy way to celebrate national nonprofit day as an individual or community. If your local nonprofit has a particular colour or emblem then don that item for the day to show your support for the cause, and donate too. 


Wearing your nonprofit’s colours often provokes a conversation with friends, colleagues, and even strangers, providing the perfect opportunity to tell people all about the group and the fact it’s national nonprofit day! It’s a great option for national nonprofit day 2022, which falls mid-week, as you can wear your item to work or school!


Restaurant fundraiser event

A restaurant fundraiser is the perfect way to celebrate national nonprofit day 2022. What could be better than getting out on a summer’s day to dine at your favourite restaurant and support your local nonprofit too?


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A restaurant fundraiser is an event hosted at a local restaurant with a charity where a percentage of all sales are donated back to that cause. It’s a fantastic way to raise funds across your community and is suitable for all age groups and taste buds. Choose a favourite restaurant and book your event for August 17th!


Social media campaigns and shoutouts 

Nonprofits and community groups should definitely make use of social media to spread the word about national nonprofit day! You can post information leading up to the day, publicizing any events you might be holding, and directing your followers to your website, donation page, or other resources.


On the day, you could post about the work you’ve done the past year with testimonials or funding totals. If you’re holding a celebration fundraising event like a restaurant meal, post photos of people enjoying their food and encourage others to come down and join in! Make sure to attach a donation link alongside too.


There are many national nonprofit day hashtags that you can add to your posts to help them reach more people and start trending. You can search these online for some ideas, but commonly these would be #NationalNonprofitDay and #NationalNonprofitDay2022 for this year.


Community fun day

A community fun day is an event that can take your national nonprofit day celebration city-wide. Think of it as a ‘nonprofit summer fair’ with different stalls, perhaps some music, food, and all your local nonprofits there too. The stalls can raise funds and nonprofits can hand out leaflets and information to visitors.


Some great stall ideas would be lemonade stalls, bake sales, second hand stalls, a raffle or tómbola, and some field games for kids. These can all raise funds for the nonprofits, and you can also charge an entrance fee. 


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Check out this article for some more great fundraising ideas to have at your Community Fun Day!


Launch a fundraiser campaign

National nonprofit day is certainly the day to launch a new fundraiser campaign! A campaign such as a nonprofit ambassador program, or even a fundraiser challenge throughout the month of August are both great ideas that combine well with celebration on August 17th.


Don’t forget to share your fundraiser campaign on social media and use those national nonprofit day hashtags too!


Wishing you a Happy National Nonprofit Day 2022!

If you hadn’t heard of national nonprofit day before or weren’t sure what it is, we hope this article has helped you out, and perhaps now you’ll put on your own national nonprofit day 2022 celebration.


With all these ideas for how to celebrate national nonprofit day there’s certainly some planning to do before August 17th, so you better get started quick! Don’t forget to check out our list of local restaurants where you can hold your celebration restaurant fundraiser too.


And if there’s anything you need help with ahead of the big day, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us so we can sort it out with you. Looking forward to the celebrations!