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GroupRaise Reviews: Sharing Fundraiser Experiences

Looking for first-hand accounts about hosting a GroupRaise fundraiser? Then this is the article for you! Here you’ll find inspiring quotes and GroupRaise reviews from many organizations and supporters who have already hosted or attended a restaurant fundraiser with GroupRaise. 


Nonprofit organizations, community clubs, sports teams, scouts, and more shared their GroupRaise experience from the process of choosing their fundraising partner to booking and promoting their fundraiser. 


By partnering with local restaurants, these groups were able to raise money for their causes and gather their community together. This is what the GroupRaise fundraiser is all about, combining food, friends and social connections to have an impact on the things you care about


Read on to learn more about the GroupRaise restaurant fundraiser!


Image courtesy of SacDevCollective


The GroupRaise Experience


The GroupRaise experience is all about gathering your friends and family around a table, having fun, and raising funds for your organization. The idea is to make the process of booking a restaurant fundraiser simple and quick


GroupRaise was an excellent way for our nonprofit to connect to a local restaurant while raising funds to support youth in our community. Simple, delicious and profitable!

 – Kacey from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands in Omaha, NE, who partnered with restaurant My Pie Pizza


Hosting a restaurant fundraiser is as simple as it is appetizing. Through GroupRaise you’ll be able to choose the perfect restaurant partner for your next event, the best date for your organization and organize an amazing fundraiser!


GroupRaise is “such a fun and tasty way to support a good cause!” 

 – Milford Youth Center


Everyone has the ability to make a difference in their community”

 – Happy Trails Civitan Club


Three attendees raising money for Happy Trail Civitan Club
Three fundraiser attendees raising money for Happy Trail Civitan Club, enjoying some delicious food at McAlister’s Deli, Oklahoma City, OK! Image courtesy of Kristin Bowels


GroupRaise also believes that everyone can make a difference in their community, which is why our platform was designed to assist any individual or group that wants to support a cause they care about!


“It was easy to join, look up restaurants and you are supported and reminded along the way about fundraising and steps to make it successful [..]”

 – Lisa Marie, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


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Setting Up Your Restaurant Fundraiser


Planning and booking a restaurant fundraiser can be stressful. There is a lot to consider and plan, while other everyday tasks also demand your attention. That’s why: 


“Booking fundraising events through GroupRaise is easy and convenient. They constantly communicate and provide email reminders every step of the way. I have been very impressed and will continue to book through GroupRaise.” 

– Kimberly Vardas Blake


GroupRaise makes it easy for you to choose the perfect partner for your organization. Different from other fundraiser websites, on the GroupRaise site you will find many mouth-watering options and fundraising restaurants all over the country


“I highly recommend GroupRaise because setting up is really easy. Finding the restaurant who will partner with your organization is very straightforward.”

 – Omy Ronquillo, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


UNCW Women’s Club Volleyball
Five fundraiser attendees raising money for UNCW Women’s Club Volleyball, enjoying some delicious food at Five Guys! Image courtesy of UNCW Women’s Club Volleyball

Promotion: The key to achieve your goals!


When talking about fundraising events, promotion is certainly one of the key aspects to consider. You need to make sure that you’ll be able to effectively spread the word about your event to your friends, family, supporters and community.


That’s why GroupRaise takes a load off your plate and provides you with promotional materials that you can use to promote your event on social media, email, and other useful channels.


“They provided plenty of great graphics, videos, and other promotional materials, and the fundraiser we hosted at our local pizza place went great. Communication was also very effective.”

 – Sveta Buben, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


“Used Groupraise for the first time at the beginning of February. Simple to set up. Way less work to hold this kind of fundraiser. Just put out flyers and promote the event [..]” 

– Jennifer Powell, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


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Successful Restaurant Fundraisers!


GroupRaise is here to help you throughout all stages of hosting a meal, providing the support and information you need to have a successful fundraising event. 


“The pre and post event information was fantastic. Excellent advice and great ideas in a timely manner.” 

– Ronald Donohue, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


“This was absolutely the easiest fundraiser I’ve ever held.  Raised almost $500 and all I did was set it up online and spread the word.” 

– Pamela Ayala, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


The experience of scheduling fundraising events online with GroupRaise is easier than ever. You’ll just have to choose the perfect partner, promote your event and of course, have fun with your attendees.  


“Using GroupRaise was the easiest way to set up a fundraiser for our PTSO! Highly recommend!” 

– Lisa Saris Carr, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


“This was a very easy way to earn money. We set it up. I heard from the restaurant as soon as my date was approved and I heard how much we earned the next day!” 

– Cari Read Bounds, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


Benefits of hosting a GroupRaise Fundraiser


There are a slew of benefits that come from hosting a GroupRaise restaurant fundraiser, including bringing in new supporters for your cause, increasing community engagement and generating further awareness. 


When hosting a restaurant fundraiser besides raising funds for your cause, you’ll also have the opportunity to help a local restaurant based in your community


“GroupRaise is a win-win. We brought a lot of business to a restaurant that would not normally have that many customers on a weekday and in turn they gave us a percentage of the sales to go towards our school.  It was such an easy process and I will definitely use it again.” 

– Karen Kober, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


You won’t be alone during the process. GroupRaise will be there to assist you and answer your doubts when needed.


“The event with GroupRaise went so smoothly. They kept us informed and helped guide us each step of the process.” 

– Christy Isacsson, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


“Our GroupRaise event was the easiest fundraiser I’ve ever participated in. The venue was very pleasant, and we had a wonderful time. The process was simple, but you want to put in the work of getting people to come out and support.” 

– Wanda J Murry, Facebook GroupRaise Reviews


Think this could work for your organization?


As you’ve seen from the GroupRaise reviews above, partnering with local restaurants is rewarding in multiple ways. A restaurant fundraiser helps you bring more attention to your cause as well as extra business to your favorite restaurant.


You will also share a great time with your supporters and members of your community, enjoying a delicious meal while raising money for your organization. And the best part is you’ll have a fantastic excuse not to cook. Why not check it out for yourself?


Booking a fundraiser takes only 1 minute and 3 simple steps:

  1. Find a restaurant in your area. Select a date, and time.
  2. Estimate the number of RSVPs.
  3. Press submit!