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HoneyBaked Ham Fundraising: Ham and Raising Money

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

There’s nothing better than enjoying some delicious ham with family and friends – unless you add fundraising to the mix.


Because you’ve been such a loyal lover of HoneyBaked Ham, and because they love you right back, HoneyBaked Ham has decided to pay it forward by standing for your organization’s fundraising efforts! When your group or organization hosts a HoneyBaked Ham fundraising event, you’ll walk away with an astounding 15% of your supporters’ total purchases.


This article will get you informed on how HoneyBaked Ham fundraising works!

Infographic: HoneyBaked Ham fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

Signing Up for a HoneyBaked Ham Fundraising Event

Setting up your HoneyBaked Ham fundraising event takes just one minute. Here’s how:


  1. Choose a participating HoneyBaked Ham location
  2. Select a date and time range for your fundraiser
  3. Provide your group’s information
  4. Click submit!



It doesn’t matter whether you are a PTA, college club, charity, or church – any group can fundraise!


Make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before you want to hold the event. After you send your request, the HoneyBaked Ham location will respond within 7 days.


Next, spread the word about your event to your group’s supporters, rallying at least 20 RSVPs. GroupRaise’s Meal Page–a unique web page for your group’s event–makes things even easier by tallying RSVPs for you and even reminding your supporters to stop by on the day of the event. Use flyers, social media, and word of mouth to promote your event and the Meal Page–then simply work up your appetite!


Is this your first time fundraising? No worries, holding a restaurant fundraiser is actually pretty easy. Check out our tips on how to promote and host a successful fundraiser.


When the day arrives, come excited (along with your family, friends, and neighbors) to eat some of your most-craved food!


Finally, 4-6 weeks after your event, you’ll receive a check in the mail with the total donation amount. It’s as easy as that!


What’s more, there’s no limit to the amount of fundraisers you can host with HoneyBaked Ham – so go all out if you want!

Why’s HoneyBaked Ham the best way to raise?

HoneyBaked Ham is known for their excellent ham, including classic honey baked ham and cheesy potatoes au gratin. Whatever you choose, you’re in for a fantastic experience.


They offer vegetarian-friendly choices. There are options for gluten-free eaters too! A wide variety of side dishes makes for a delightful, just-like-homemade meal. See the website of HoneyBaked Ham for more info about their tasty offerings.


In addition to their incredible food, consider this: every dish is shareable, making HoneyBaked Ham a great fundraising option for families on a budget.

Come One, Come All!

There is no better way to connect with people than to come together over delicious food for an awesome cause.