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honeygrow vs Chipotle fundraiser

Posted by Steven Keely

Considering a Chipotle fundraiser, or a honeygrow give back night, for your charity?


To help you think through your unique situation, this GroupRaise blog post compares a honeygrow vs Chipotle fundraiser.


But let’s start with your ideal fundraising meal. Just a guess? 


You’re hoping for…

  • Good people feeling a fun ambience and served savory food. They genuinely, not just politely, enjoy the restaurant meal.
  • Later the restaurant sends a percentage of sales to your charity. You are happy about the amount.


We just described the GroupRaise fundraising meal experience!


Sounds good, you’re thinking, but prove it!


Will do.

  • Our mission is to change the world, one delicious meal at a time.
  • Our strategy is giving people personal cause to give to a social one.


This is an exciting process, with a satisfying end result! Your organization has so many options.


honeygrow fundraisers and Chipotle fundraisers, for example, are well-established, reliably good ways for charities to produce donations. Both restaurants have great reputations.


Of course, those restaurants are different in other ways, so how to choose between them?


Which is the most donation-producing restaurant of them all?

You should pick your restaurant based on a number of things, but let’s highlight two.


First, pick based on what would be both delicious and doable to the most potential RSVPs in your unique network (including active supporters, their families, their friends). This includes:

  • Is the restaurant close?
  • Are the prices affordable?
  • What are the minimum (say, to get donations back) and maximum RSVPs (say, under restaurant policy)?
  • And of course…what’s on the menu? (*stomach rumbles*)


Second, pick your fundraising restaurant based on what would not offend (even disgust, yikes) the fewest potential RSVPs.


The analysis shakes out depending on you. You have a unique supporter and social network.


But we can still profitably talk big picture. Things other than supporter preferences matter of course, like if the restaurant has an easy scheduling system.


(Want more general information about choosing a partner restaurant? Read here for top tips if you’re short on time. Read here for a step-by-step GroupRaise official guide!)


Back to honeygrow and Chipotle fundraising. Some of you came here thinking about one or the other.


They share some similarities and have some differences – for your practical, non-profit purposes. Let’s check this honeygrow. Chipotle fundraiser comparison out!


Easily schedule a honeygrow fundraiser meal with broad dietary appeal

Food from the honeygrow menu? Tasty. Absolutely. (More on that in the next section).


But holistically, what’s a honeygrow fundraiser meal like?

  • Satiating, to meat-eaters, vegans, and all kinds of dietary lifestyles and ages.
  • Leaving you comfortable after the meal ends.


The honeygrow menu reflects the philosophy of the people at honeygrow. They offer wholesome nutritive foods made from intelligently sourced ingredients.


honeygrow dine to donate salad with avocado, eggs, tomato and lettuce


As a result, honeygrow calories and honeygrow nutrition are reasonable and transparent.


Searching for honeygrow restaurants near me will give you and potential RSVPs menu options amenable to many diets and affordable to many economic situations.


More on these topics in the next section!


But the menu isn’t everything.


honeybar fruit and granola available at a honeygrow fundraiser


This … *turns gaze away with difficulty* … restaurant network has a lot to offer! So, uh, consider ease of scheduling!


Charities can setup honeygrow fundraisers here – and in under a minute!


You can pick any day of the week between 10:30 am and 10:00 pm. On top of that, you’ll hear back from honeygrow within a week!


Open your invitations up to people in different financial positions. With a meal price of $20 on average, the honeygrow menu is doable to many people who like your charity’s cause.


With at least 20 RSVPs down, honeygrow sends 20% of supporter sales back to your charity.


honeygrow hasn’t, as a policy, set a limit on the number of fundraising events that a charity can have.


Just to note, honeygrow doesn’t offer fundraisers to

  • for-profit ventures;
  • lobbying or political activities;
  • capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials; and
  • individuals or individual study, travel and research grants.


If your charity isn’t in one of these categories, feel free to schedule a honeygrow fundraiser meal here.


Read more about how to set up a honeygrow fundraiser in particular here.


And, not least important is this: fundraising with honeygrow is a treat because your charity will receive significant promotional help. Read below about how you’ll rack up RSVPs with a honeygrow fundraiser.


Boldly spread excitement with honeygrow fundraiser promo kits

honeygrow’s Batman origin story may begin just on the East Coast, but this restaurant network has a growing footprint and a lot of experience handling fundraisers.


Feel secure once you’ve set a date with honeygrow through GroupRaise.

  • The process of promotion comes structured, for you and whoever works with you.
  • Have customized marketing tools in hand to rack up RSVPs.
  • So, reduce the stress of marketing for this important event.


All the marketing tools that GroupRaise and honeygrow prepare are tailored to each charity’s particular event. These include:

  • A suggested timeline for promotional activity leading up to your event date and on the day of.
  • Multiple social media pieces of content customized to your charity, including a Meal Page fitted to your event.
  • Digital and printable flyers.
  • A forwardable email.
  • Multiple draft text messages, including a text reminder for RSVPs for event day.


Have a glance at honeygrow’s calendar below.



If you have any questions or hiccups to handle during the honeygrow fundraiser process, the GroupRaise support team is available. Read more about honeygrow fundraisers here.


But what do you do if, when looking around for honeygrow restaurants near me, you don’t find one that’s close enough?


No worries! There are definitely other GroupRaise partners in other geographic areas that may appeal to your charity network.


Comb the honeygrow menu for healthy crowd-pleasers

Red. Coconut. Curry.


Don’t want spicy? Customize your stir-fry how you like at a honeygrow fundraiser meal.


Options on options is just another reason why stomachs (and wallets) are happy at honeygrow fundraiser events.


People eating a meal around a table

Image by Priscilla Du Preez at Unsplash


The honeygrow menu adapts to a healthy spectrum of dietary situations:

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian


What’s more, the honeygrow menu is whole-friendly. It also has:

  • High-protein choices
  • Gluten-free options


Don’t get lost in the Red Coconut Curry because honeygrow isn’t just about stir-fry.


Among other delicious options, find a salad like the Asian Sesame Ginger.


But what is it like, you ask? Hm.

Nutty. Creamy. Crunchy.




A little sweet.


It’s gluten-free and vegan. And just 362 calories.


Looking to change up the amount of carbohydrates in your salad? 


Put more luscious greens in your bowl at a honeygrow restaurant. It’s just as delicious as the carby option because these plants will work with the dressing and the other vegetables.


honeygrow is in the habit of helping people experience the wholesome, healthy meal that they want. Help yourself to the help over here


And if your charity isn’t close to a honeygrow restaurants after you search for honeygrow restaurants near me, look over this list of similar GroupRaise partners


Here’s the short & sweet version of this section:

  • The honeygrow menu is tasty to a variety of palettes.
  • The honeygrow nutrition is an easy fit for many lifestyles.
  • The amount of honeygrow calories in meals is reasonable.
  • You can schedule as many honeygrow fundraisers as you want each in less than a minute. You’ll hear back from honeygrow within a week!



So that’s honeygrow, in a nutshell. 


Read on to learn about Chipotle fundraisers!


Chow down at a Chipotle fundraiser

Big, yummy burritos.


Heaps of classic ingredients: the beans, the beef, and a satisfying mound of guacamole.


Imagine a double wrap too. (Now that’s a slower walk back to the house, but it’s worth it once in a while!)


wrapped food with gravies

Image by Ryan Concepcion at Unsplash


After receiving its minimum $150 in sales from event night, Chipotle will hand a hefty 33% back to your organization.


Learn whether your Chipotle fundraiser request is confirmed or rejected in less than a month (about three weeks).


Look forward to a Chipotle fundraiser night once every six months. Fundraising at Chipotle is limited to one event at one location per six-month period, for a total of two events per year.


You can learn more about Chipotle’s rules, conditions, and guidelines by going through its website!


Less than two months after your Chipotle fundraising meal (about 4-6 weeks) your charity will get its money. (The denominator doesn’t include tips and taxes.)


The prices for Chipotle fundraiser meals really vary with how each RSVP customizes their meal.


But people won’t be surprised about the cost since Chipotle is well known. It’s not regarded as an expensive restaurant. This makes Chipotle economically acceptable to a jumbo of potential RSVPs.


And Chipotle turns those big portions out fast (really fast). This way the students and kids can really chow down during a Chipotle Spirit Night!


three children playing activity on table photo

Image by Abigail Miller at Unsplash


Of course, Chipotle is willing to work with more types of people. This nationwide restaurant network will host a Chipotle fundraiser night only with these groups:

  • Food and Sustainable Agriculture Groups
  • K–12 Schools
  • Libraries
  • Community Gardens
  • Youth Community Groups
  • University Groups


Fundraising with Chipotle is not possible for these groups:

  • Religious groups for religious purposes
  • Individuals seeking scholarships, stipends, fellowships, or personal assistance
  • For-profit ventures
  • Capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials
  • Lobbying, political or fraternal activities
  • Individual study, research or travel grants


Fundraising at Chipotle restaurants is possible all days of the week. One potential drawback is that Chipotle fundraiser hours are between either 4:00pm to 8:00 pm or 5:00pm to 9:00 pm.


Are you excited to start the process of finding and securing a Chipotle fundraiser night


Here’s how you do it, in four comprehensible steps!

  1. Head on over to Chipotle’s website. 
  2. Fill out the online Chipotle fundraiser application. Select a date, time, and location. Provide your contact information. Describe your organization. You may need to give over your organization’s tax identification information. Pay close attention to Chipotle’s rules!
  3. Submit your Chipotle fundraiser application for processing. Remember: it takes 3 weeks to receive a confirmation or rejection of your Chipotle fundraiser request
  4. If you do qualify as a charity acceptable to Chipotle, they may still reject your request because the amount they deal with is so high. Just re-request and try again!
  5. By now you may have some questions as you consider a Chipotle fundraiser night. The good news is Chipotle has a Frequently Asked Questions page on its website. The Chipotle fundraiser FAQ is comprehensive to the questions of the many charities competing for its fundraiser hours


Chipotle fundraising is all bright eyes & happy guac-spattered smiles

A couple times a year, look forward to the Chipotle experience!

  • Tasty big portions
  • Food is made fast


A Chipotle fundraising meal is quick to make, hearty, and filling. It has vegan and vegetarian- friendly options too!


wrapped food

Image by Creative Headline at Unsplash


Plus, Chipotle, like honeygrow, strives to carefully select its ingredients for quality (and externalities, like on the environment.)


So, who is best suited to a Chipotle fundraiser?

  • If your unique charity network is primarily college students or families with children, then you should definitely look forward to a fun, fast, friendly Chipotle fundraising meal once or twice a year!


And a Chipotle Spirit Night is a great way to put smiles on faces and light up a lot of eyes!


Conclusion: honeygrow and Chipotle fundraiser recap

You’ve read up on these two different yet both delicious, donation-producing fundraising meal experiences.


You know honeygrow is smooth and sweet. And you know Chipotle is a fun chow-down!


What’s the practical difference for charities between a Chipotle fundraiser night versus one with honeygrow?

  • A honeygrow fundraiser meal appeals to a bigger group of potential RSVPs. This well-liked restaurant provides balanced, healthy, and tasty meals for all kinds of dietary lifestyles. A Chipotle fundraiser experience is fantastic. It has really been enjoyed most by college students and kids. So, what food experience preferences are big in your (charity’s) pool of potential RSVPs?


But don’t just consider the dietary appeal of Chipotle fundraisers, what’s your time horizon?

  • A honeygrow fundraiser is quicker in terms of when you hear back about your meal date & time. honeygrow confirms your request within a week (the maximum you wait) whereas Chipotle’s minimum wait is three weeks. Chipotle also faces far more requests. You may have to send another date & time and wait again. honeygrow sends money back to charities sooner than the minimum four weeks with Chipotle.


Are there marketing advantages to fundraising with Chipotle?

  • A couple great promotional tools come while fundraising with Chipotle. honeygrow and GroupRaise also provide these (plus a high-performing bundle of other promotional tools) for the many happy charities who do a honeygrow fundraiser.


That’s it! You now have the information you need to make the choice: a honeygrow vs. Chipotle fundraiser.

  • Pop on over here to look over honeygrow’s calendar. Or head on over to Chipotle’s comprehensive website to start working through the application process!