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Host The Ultimate Holiday Fundraiser

Posted by Katie Tincello

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday fundraiser! During the festive season there are many opportunities to get together with friends and family and enjoy all the best holiday activities.These events are great opportunities to host a holiday fundraiser and raise funds for a cause you care about.


As a school group, club, or PTA, the end of the year marks a great time for a celebration of everything you and your members have achieved that year, and an opportunity to turn a fun festive party into a holiday fundraiser. For nonprofits or community groups, the holiday season is a widely recognized season of giving and so is the perfect time for a festive fundraising event.


This article covers why a holiday fundraiser is a great idea for your group, and our top holiday fundraiser ideas for nonprofits, schools, and individuals!


Holiday Fundraiser Ideas

The holiday season is packed with fun and festivities! It is a time of sharing joy and goodwill with our loved ones. A holiday fundraiser is a chance to share that with others by raising funds for charitable causes.


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Why do we give back?

The holidays are a season of giving across the globe. Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday at the end of November kick off the season, and December is recognised as the month of giving worldwide. This makes the festive season the perfect time to host a holiday fundraiser to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes


Haven’t heard of Giving Tuesday? Check out this article here to learn about this international Day of Giving!


Furthermore, with the change of seasons and the start of winter in the northern hemisphere, many charities and nonprofits seek to increase their efforts to look out for those who may struggle more in the colder months. 


How to give back

There are many ways to give back during the holiday season, but hosting a holiday fundraiser is definitely one of the most fun and rewarding!


There are so many great holiday fundraiser ideas, perfect for groups of all sizes, that you can organize in your local community to raise funds and share the festive spirit. 


The ideas listed below are perfect holiday fundraiser ideas for nonprofits and schools!


Top Holiday fundraising ideas for nonprofits 

At the end of the year, it’s only right to bring all your hard-working colleagues, volunteers, supporters, friends, and family to share in some festive joy with a holiday fundraiser. These holiday fundraiser ideas for nonprofits are perfect for some seasonal celebrations while raising extra funds for your cause too!


Festive restaurant fundraiser 

A restaurant fundraiser is the ideal holiday fundraiser event for a nonprofit group. Share great food with friends and colleagues while raising for your chosen cause simply by eating out! With GroupRaise, you can choose from hundreds of local restaurants where you can host a fundraiser.



Find a restaurant and book a day for your event, and a set percentage of all sales will be donated back to your cause! It’s easy to organize, fun for everyone who takes part, and a great holiday treat! 


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You can invite everyone to dine out together, or spread the word of your holiday fundraiser across your community of supporters to encourage them to enjoy a meal out for your cause.


Christmas Raffle 

Christmas Raffles are popular holiday fundraiser ideas and often gain a lot of interest too. You can ask for raffle donations or set a budget to purchase a few prizes, then sell tickets far and wide! 


Members of your nonprofit can sell to their own friends and family, or set up a ticket stall in the office to tempt as many people as possible with your holiday fundraiser.


Make sure to take contact details of everyone who buys a ticket and share the winning numbers on your social media channels or with a festive round-robin email to say thank you for people’s support that year and wish everyone a Happy Holidays!


Gala Event 

A Gala Event is a fantastic holiday fundraiser idea! It’s a one of the more extravagant holiday fundraiser ideas for nonprofits as it requires more organization and time, but Gala Events are always hugely successful fundraisers and a wonderful way to celebrate the festive season!


Usually a Gala Event is a black-tie affair with a sit down meal, music, dancing, and sometimes even extra activities like a raffle or auction. You will need to organize catering, a band, and find a large space to host your event, but often nonprofits can get discounted prices or donations if you ask!


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Sell tickets to friends and family of your group, or colleagues for a work event, and all proceeds go towards your cause. You can also have a donation box to gather extra funds on the night. Dress up in your best ball gown and enjoy a night of festive cheer!


Quiz Night

A Quiz Night is a super fun fundraiser event, and the perfect holiday fundraiser because you can give your quiz a festive twist. There are lots of quiz questions available online if you don’t want to write your own, although that can be a lot of fun too!


Choose an evening for your Quiz Night and make sure to tell as many people as possible. Charge a small fee for teams to enter and provide a small prize for the winners. If necessary, you can take your Quiz Night online via zoom, if an in-person event isn’t possible for your group.


Fun Holiday fundraising ideas for schools

These holiday fundraising ideas for schools are suitable for kids of all ages and great fun for everyone.


Christmas card making 

Get the kids designing and creating their own Christmas cards to sell to friends and family for a small donation. Kids will love the opportunity to create their own cards, and families will enjoy the chance to send a handmade card – especially grandparents!


Greeting Cards

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Restaurant Fundraiser 

A restaurant fundraiser is a great holiday fundraiser for schools because everyone can take part. Set up a fundraiser event at a local restaurant giving back this season and invite children and their families to enjoy some yummy food for a good cause.


From pizza restaurants to coffee shops and baked goods, there are so many great places to choose from for your restaurant holiday fundraiser. Book a day and spread the word across the school community, and for every sale made through your event, your chosen cause will receive a percentage back. What a delicious way to fundraise this holiday!



Secret Santa

Would it even be the Holidays without a Secret Santa? For an exciting holiday fundraiser ideas for schools, organize a Secret Santa event across the school for everyone to take part in! 


Kids buy a present to add to the bag and make a donation to take one out. Everyone who wants to take part will get a surprise present and you can raise funds for a cause too.


Three Gift Boxes

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To take the holiday fundraiser one step further, ask kids to donate an additional gift for a child without this Christmas alongside their Secret Santa gift, to give back to others as well as fundraising this Holiday.


Bake Sale

Baking is definitely a festive activity, and a great one for kids! A bake sale is a wonderful holiday fundraiser and super easy to organize. Different classes or year groups could bake on different days and sell their creations at recess or after school. Extra points for Santa cupcakes or Christmas tree biscuits! 


All proceeds raised go towards your chosen cause, and the kids can enjoy anything they don’t sell afterwards as a festive treat!


Christmas-themed Cookies

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Happy Festive fundraising!

All this talk of the Holidays has got us super excited for the season. Which holiday fundraiser idea will you go to share the festive spirit this year?


Make sure to check out the local restaurants on GroupRaise where you could hold your holiday event – there’s lots to choose from!



We’d love to see your holiday fundraising activities, especially your foodie fundraisers, so get in touch with us on social media to share your fundraising success this season.