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Houlihan’s Fundraising: A Delicious Way to Raise Money

Posted by Bridget Letts

You’re already crazy about their delicious food. Steaks, pasta, who wouldn’t be in heaven?


But did you know that Houlihan’s also gives back to the community? At a Houlihan’s fundraising event, members and supporters of your organization dine at Houlihan’s and 15% of sales from your group’s orders goes back to you!


Keep reading to get the full run-down on the whos, whats, and hows, and why Houlihan’s is perfect for your group’s next fundraiser.

Infographic: Houlihan's fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

Houlihan’s Fundraising

In just one minute, with a few clicks, you can schedule your own Houlihan’s fundraising event by following the steps below:


  1. Choose your favorite Houlihan’s location
  2. Select a convenient date and time for your group
  3. Provide your group’s information
  4. Click submit!



Make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before you want to hold the event. After you send your request, the restaurant will respond within 7 days. All groups are welcome to fundraise at Houlihan’s!


When your event is confirmed, it’s time to spread the word! Log on to your social media accounts and let anyone and everyone know about your Houlihan’s fundraising event. Want to make sure your event is a hit? We’ve put together all of our best practices and tips on how to promote and host a successful restaurant fundraiser. The more people come, the more you’ll earn for your organization. The sky is the limit!


To participate on the day of your fundraiser, your supporters just need to tell the restaurant staff that their order is part of your group’s fundraising event. Then, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy tasty food – all while contributing back to your group. Finally, 4-6 weeks after your event, you’ll receive a check in the mail with the total donation amount. It’s as easy as that!


Once you’ve seen for yourself how easy and fun Houlihan’s fundraising is, you’ll be itching to host another event. Good news: you can hold as many as you want!

Plate of delicious pasta with shrimp at a Houlihan's fundraising event

Image by Anthony Leong from Pexels

Is a Houlihan’s fundraising event right for me?

Yes, Houlihan’s is the perfect place for a fundraiser! First of all, their food will wow your attendees. If you haven’t tried their steaks, you’re in for a treat! Not digging steaks? No problem! Houlihan’s also offers delicious pasta and many more dishes than we can list here. Your supporters will enjoy choosing from a wide range of menu possibilities. They have vegetarian options, so there will be something for everyone. There are options for gluten-free eaters too! See the Houlihan’s website for more info about their tasty offerings.


Finally, let’s not forget that Houlihan’s donates 15% of your supporters’ orders back to your organization! At an average menu price of $14, that’s going to add up pretty quickly – resulting in a great haul for your cause!

What are you waiting for?

Now that you’ve heard all about the delicious dining options and exciting fundraising potential of Houlihan’s, try it out for your organization’s next fundraiser! Find a participating location near you or view other restaurant fundraising opportunities in your area below.