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How to Raise Awareness for a Cause: Fundraiser Tips

Posted by Katie Tincello

Working with a community organization is an important and valuable calling. Knowing how to raise awareness for a cause is a vital part of the work you do, as it helps encourage support from the wider community and boosts the impact you can have.


There are many different groups who may consider launching an awareness campaign in their local community. Faith groups, local schools, nonprofits, and community groups are all organizations that can benefit from increased awareness among their immediate donors and potential supporters.


Awareness campaigns take many forms, from leaflet canvassing to community activism initiatives and events, and can have a big impact if done well.


An awareness campaign is all about engaging with the local community to promote knowledge and enthusiasm for a cause. They aim to educate your supporters about who you are and what you do, and ultimately encourage a greater level of participation with your organization’s events, fundraising activities, and work.


If you’re struggling to know how to raise awareness for a cause, then we’re here to help! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some effective ways of how to raise awareness for your organization, detailing how best to implement them for your group and also some great resources you can use.


The importance of community awareness

Community awareness of a cause or organization can have a significant impact on the success of your work and any campaigns or fundraisers you may hold. If your community does not know what your group does or stands for, participation in such events can be lower and your efforts will not be as fruitful.


To put it simply, community awareness is the education about a cause, organization, or movement through interaction with a community and individuals. An awareness campaign seeks to inform and educate people about a topic or issue, and ultimately influence them to help support a goal or cause.


There are many different ways that an awareness campaign can help support your church group, school club, sports group or non profit, from increased exposure in the community, educating locals on your work, and promoting more participation in fundraising events.


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A public awareness campaign helps to educate people about who your organization is and how you support the local community. Simply by knowing more about your work, many people will be motivated to get involved and support your activities.


Promoting awareness of charity activity

Alongside bringing awareness to the community of your cause, awareness campaigns can also focus on how events and activities your group organized can directly impact society. This is a great tool to promote support from your community as it encourages others to also get involved in fundraising efforts or projects.



By raising community awareness of your charitable group, you automatically help boost the level of engagement in organization projects simply because more people know who you are! In particular, this could lead to more volunteers to help out and higher levels of participation in fundraiser events and community outreach.



Greater community awareness of a charity, group, or nonprofit means more successful fundraising. Fundraising is a core pillar of charitable work, but you can only get so far if your audience is limited. Check out this blog for tips on ‘How to start a fundraiser’ for your organization!


How to launch an awareness campaign

When it comes to putting an awareness campaign together, there are a few useful steps that can help you get started.


Step 1: Gauge awareness

How knowledgeable is the local community of your cause already? Where is their knowledge lacking? Find out what people do or don’t know about your cause so that you can tailor your campaign to meet the needs of your target audiences.


Step 2: Fill in the gaps

With this knowledge at hand, you can create a campaign targeting the areas where community awareness is lacking. For example, if you find that people of a certain age group are less knowledgeable, consider which outreach methods would be most effective at reaching this group.


Step 3: Engage and bring value

Make sure that your awareness campaign is engaging, exciting, and enjoyable. An awareness campaign should bring a sense of collective impact and enjoyment, alongside learning more about the group or organisation. 

Be sure to add an aspect to your campaign that makes people take action to further help spread awareness or support your cause, such as encouraging them to join in with regular events and fundraisers, or looping them into a monthly newsletter to keep them updated on everything you’re doing!


Top awareness campaign ideas

Here are some great awareness campaign ideas that can make a real difference to the success of your organization’s work and fundraising efforts.


Blue Ribbon Campaign

A ‘Blue Ribbon Campaign’ is the name given to awareness campaigns where people wear a ribbon, badge, flower, or particular colour to show solidarity and support for a cause. Common examples include a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness, or wearing a poppy on Memorial Day. 


You can create a badge for your organization with the name and logo and sell them for a small price, promoting awareness and helping to fundraise too!


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Publicity campaigns

Flyers, posters, and leaflets are some more traditional public awareness campaign examples. They are a very simple and effective way of raising awareness of both an organization and upcoming fundraiser events.


There are many online resources that can help you create flyers or posters with information about who you are, what you do, and how people can get involved. All you need then is some volunteers to hand them out!

GroupRaise also provides a number of these resources, including an events poster and personalised flyers, to help raise awareness of your upcoming fundraiser. 


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Digital campaigns

Similar to canvassing with leaflets, there are many digital awareness campaigns that work very well to promote education and publicise events. Common awareness campaign examples include an organization website where you can promote your group, Facebook pages and ads detailing upcoming fundraisers and events, marketing emails, social media, and SMS messages.


Creating a website and social media page is a great place to start when thinking how to increase awareness of your organization. Having an online presence means that more people are likely to find out about you and you can also use it to promote fundraiser events to your followers.


For more on digital campaigns, check out this blog marketing tips and tricks!


Fundraiser events

Of course, a fundraiser is a great way to spread awareness of your organization. There are thousands of fundraiser ideas that can help you engage with your local community and increase awareness, and you can check out some ideas on the GroupRaise blog


One of the best ways to engage with your local community is to partner with a local restaurant for a give back night where a percentage of all sales made through your organization’s event are donated back to your cause. It’s a great opportunity to engage with local businesses and get exposure across the community too.



Ambassador programs

An ambassador program is a fantastic way to create awareness for your organization, while also helping to create a strong base of loyal and dedicated supporters. 


The goal of an ambassador program is to bring together your most loyal supporters and equip them with tools to advocate for the organization independently. They are one of the most effective public awareness campaigns because they can have a very wide reach across each ambassador’s individual network.


It is relatively easy to create an ambassador program and sites such as Give Butter have tools to help you do so. You will need to create some resources for your ambassador to use in their outreach, and many programs also offer incentives, such as free apparel or discounted tickets for fundraiser events.


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Not just for funds: spread awareness for support

Sometimes it feels that efforts to bring awareness of a cause are very fundraising-orientated. But that doesn’t have to be the case! A fundraiser event can have so many benefits that go beyond just finances.


As a nonprofit organization or a smaller group with fewer resources, the success of hosting fundraiser events and carrying out projects can often rely on the support and generosity of those around you. You may need volunteers, a space to hold an event, or other non-monetary donations.


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An awareness campaign can increase support of all kinds for your organization, meaning that local businesses and individuals will be willing to help you out when you need it.


One fantastic way to build strong community relationships is by hosting a fundraiser event that partners with a local business. A restaurant fundraiser is the perfect way to spread awareness of a cause and promote it while also supporting others in your community – it’s a win-win situation! 


Partner with a local restaurant for a fundraiser event and everyone enjoys the benefits – delicious food, increased awareness for your group, and business for the restaurant!



Whether you’re looking to boost engagement, find more volunteers, raise funds, or simply promote your organization, we hope these campaign ideas and information about how to raise awareness for a cause will help you out. 


Spreading awareness can be difficult when there are so many different charities and organizations also seeking to do so. But remember, the more people you reach, the more likely you are to gain supporters!


While you’re here, why not explore local partners where you could hold your restaurant fundraiser to raise awareness and engage with your community.


Don’t forget to check out the GroupRaise blog for more ideas on how to raise awareness for a cause and some tips and tricks on how to increase donations for your organization too!