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IHOP Fundraising: Come Hungry, Leave “Best. Mom. Ever.”

Posted by Kathryn Davis

It’s been said that “There is hardship in everything–except in eating pancakes!” We’d like to extend this claim to include “–and fundraising with IHOP!” They’re partnering with groups and organizations across the country to fill your family’s bellies–and your nonprofit group’s bank account. 

IHOP fundraising is one of the most rewarding, easy, and delicious paths to raising dough. And, above all, you won’t even have sticky counters to scrub!

Let us explain.

Four stacked pancakes with sprinkles at an IHOP fundraising meal

How IHOP Fundraising Works

Here’s the scoop on how IHOP fundraising works! Spoiler alert: It only takes 1 minute to set up your fundraiser!

  1. Pick an IHOP location near you
  2. Choose a date and time (at least 2 weeks down the line) that’s convenient for your group
  3. Fill out some basic info about your group 
  4. Submit your request!

From there, the process is as simple and satisfying as watching those little bubbles form as pancakes cook! 

Spread the word about your event to your group’s supporters, rallying at least 20 RSVPs. GroupRaise’s Meal Page–a unique web page for your group’s event–makes things even easier by tallying RSVPs for you and even reminding your supporters to stop by on the day of the event. Use flyers, social media, and word of mouth to promote your event and the Meal Page–then simply work up your appetite!

When your group and its fans arrive day-of, there’s no set-up, no work during the event, and zero clean-up (unless you count your kids’ sticky faces). Just be sure that each of your supporters alerts their waiter that they’re on a twofold mission: 1) Dig into some delicious pancakes and 2) support your group’s cause!

4-6 weeks after the event, IHOP will send a check to your group containing a whopping 20% of your event’s total sales!

That’s it! …Until your next IHOP fundraiser, that is. You can hold as many as you want!

Plate with eggs, sausage, and potatoes at an IHOP fundraising meal

Why Fundraise with IHOP?

First of all, because it’s delicious! But even beyond this simple fact, there are practically unlimited reasons to partner with IHOP for your next fundraising effort:

  • Even the pickiest kids love pancakes. 
  • Who doesn’t enjoy a good brunch? 
  • You’ll look like a total genius in front of the other moms in your group. 
  • You’ve earned a cheat day on your diet. “IHOB” was only a temporary thing. 
  • Oh! And fresh funds that’ll keep your group or organization going.

Need we go on? IHOP has spent years earning our love with its delicious food. But now, we’ve got an entirely new reason to rave about the restaurant! 20% donation back of your group’s total sales at an average meal price of $11 each…well, that’s some serious earning on your part.

What’s stopping you from digging in?

Boy pointing at plate of pancakes and eggs at an IHOP fundraising meal

Fire Up the Fundraising

Leave your griddle packed away. Grab the kids, your neighbors, the teachers from school, your babysitter, and everyone in-between, and head to IHOP for a delicious fundraiser that’s sure to be a huge hit! Come hungry to your IHOP fundraiser–then leave as the Best. Mom. Ever.


Set up your IHOP fundraiser in 1 minute–before the kids have even finished their homework! Or find the perfect fundraising fit among hundreds of other restaurants you can partner with instead!