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Get Excited for a Johnny Rockets Fundraising Event

Posted by Kate Christie

Have you got a hankering for hamburgers and also need to raise money for your school, charity, or college group? A Johnny Rockets fundraising event is the clear choice. When your group or organization hosts a Johnny Rockets fundraiser, 15% of your supporter’s orders will be donated back to your cause!


Keep reading to learn all about how Johnny Rockets fundraising works and why it is a great choice for your group.

Infographic: Johnny Rockets fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

Signing Up for a Johnny Rockets Fundraising Event

With just a few clicks, you can set up a Johnny Rockets fundraising event in one minute. Just follow the steps below:


  1. Choose your location
  2. Select a date and time that’s good for your group and its supporters
  3. Tell us a little about your organization
  4. Submit your request!



Get that request sent at least 2 weeks before your intended fundraising date so that the restaurant has time to respond to your request.


When your request has been approved, it’s time to promote the event to your supporters. Spread the word on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to create awareness and excitement, and get everyone ready for a deliciously fun event! Want to make sure your event is a hit? We’ve put together all of our best practices and tips on how to promote and host a successful restaurant fundraiser. Plus, attendees can RSVP on GroupRaise’s Meal Page, which will remind them of the deliciousness that awaits them at Johnny Rockets.


Day-of, every person that comes to the restaurant during your event and says they’re with your organization will have a portion of their bill added to your donation total. Delicious hamburgers + a fun time with your supporters + funds for your group = the best fundraiser ever. Finally, within 4-6 weeks after your fundraiser, Johnny Rockets will send your organization a check for 15% of the sales from your group.


Get this: there’s no limit to the number of Johnny Rockets fundraising events you can host. That means there’s unlimited potential to how much your organization could earn!

Thick burger and fries on a white plate at a Johnny Rockets fundraising event

Image by Robin Stickel from Pexels

Is a Johnny Rockets fundraising event right for me?

In short, yes! The hamburgers at Johnny Rockets will wow your attendees and when you add fundraising to the mix, it just gets better and better. From smokehouse barbecue ranch burgers to deluxe chocolate shakes, every last item on the menu is sure to please. Each one of your attendees will find something they love on the menu. Vegetarians will also find a perfect match. There are gluten-free options too! See the Johnny Rockets website for more info about their tasty offerings.


To put the icing on the cake, Johnny Rockets donates a generous amount back to your group. With an average menu price of $13 and 15% donation rate, you’ll be able to fund your organization’s goals in no time!

Bring Your Community Together

Two ingredients for a successful restaurant fundraiser: delicious hamburgers and a generous host. With Johnny Rockets, your restaurant fundraiser comes, ready-made, with both! Ready to partner with a service-minded restaurant that’s determined to help your group earn the big bucks? Organize your Johnny Rockets fundraising event, or explore hundreds of other restaurants that are ready to help your group change the world – one meal at a time!