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Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens Reviews: Sharing Fundraiser Experiences

Looking for first-hand accounts about launching a Digital Dozens Fundraising Campaign? Then this is the article for you! Here you’ll find inspiring quotes and Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens reviews from many organizations and groups who have already hosted a Digital Dozens fundraiser with GroupRaise & Krispy Kreme. 


Nonprofit organizations, community clubs, sports teams, scouts, and more, shared their fundraising experience from the process of setting up their Digital Dozens campaign to launching and promoting their fundraiser. 


Read on to learn more about the Digital Dozens fundraising campaign and what organizers had to say in their Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens Reviews!


box of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts


The Digital Dozens Experience

Word on the street is that the Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens fundraiser is the sweetest and easiest way to raise funds for the cause you care about.


It was simple and easy and lasted 1 month for people to participate. Most eateries will be for lunch and 15% given back on one day. Not easy to raise funds that way. This was 50% and can use the codes anytime any location.

 – Hope of Glory Presbyterian Church


The Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens fundraising program is here to prove that supporting a cause doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s super simple and quick to set up, effective, and not to mention, delicious!


We really enjoy profit shares that are easy to set up. Groupraise is amazing for that. Being able to just pick a date, get it approved, have the flyers pre-made for us, and start makes everything 1000x easier. It was so easy to set-up.”

 – Camp Kesem at the University of Kentucky


The ease of setting up the program and sharing the information was the most appealing”

 – St Barts Academy


The original glazed doughnuts are something you can never go wrong with. Everyone’s a fan. But pair that with a local fundraiser, no one can resist!


“Who doesn’t like doughnuts!? Also, the window of hosting the event was for 1 month, which gives us more time to allow people to contribute.”

 – Oakton Coding Club


Launching Your Fundraising Campaign

Partnering with Krispy Kreme has never been easier thanks to their partnership with GroupRaise. When you launch a Digital Dozens fundraiser, supporters can purchase dozens of doughnuts directly from your Campaign Promotion Page.


“I would tell other groups who are considering on doing the program that the Digital Dozens is a super easy campaign to use when trying to raise funds.” 

– Albuquerque Talent Development Academy/Student Council


A Digital Dozens fundraiser is the perfect way to raise funds for your group, while also giving your participants a nice sugar-buzz. To top it off, most Digital Dozense fundraisers earn a 40-70% profit! 


“This was such a fun, easy way to raise funds. The link made it easy for people to purchase. The 50% profit share made it a great way to raise higher funds. Krispy Kreme is delicious, and a great purchase for teachers, and coworkers.” 

– Holy Spirit Catholic School HSPA



krispy kreme Donuts

Image by Clément Proust on Pexels.


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Promotion: The key to achieve your goals!

When talking about fundraising, promotion is certainly one of the key aspects to consider. You need to make sure that you’ll be able to effectively spread the word about your campaign to your friends, family, supporters and community.


That’s why GroupRaise takes a load off your plate and provides you with promotional materials that you can use to promote your fundraising campaign in person, on social media, via email, and other useful channels.


“It was super easy to pass the word…I liked all the graphics and ideas that were sent that I could copy and paste onto social media, an email, or text.”

 – Unbroken Dreams


“We were impressed at all of the information we got from GroupRaise and how organized that information was. Everything was all in a single email and we never had to dig for details.” 

– Our Sisters’ House


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Krispy Kreme Digital Dozen campaign - Promo Tool


Successful Campaigns!

What’s more, new contactless Digital Dozens are a fast and convenient way to put Original Glazed Doughnuts in the hands of all your supporters across the country.


“My favorite feature of the Digital Dozens campaign was that it was an extended amount of time– people got to participate at their own pace. Most fundraisers like this are only one day for a few hours.” 

– Camp Kesem at the University of Kentucky


The best part about this fundraiser was that it was completely online and could be shared with friends and family across the country, not just locally.” 

– Granite Bay High School Media


The high level breakdown: all you’ll have to do is enroll, share with your community, enjoy  delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts and collect your check. That’s it!


Setting up the fundraiser was very quick, easy and user-friendly. Also, the fact that Navajo received 50% of the sales was HUGE!” 

– Navajo Elementary School


“I would tell others that this has been an awesome experience and definitely a great way to raise money for a cause while putting in very little effort.”

– Delta Gamma sorority


Benefits of the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

There are a slew of benefits that come from launching a Digital Dozens fundraiser, including bringing in new supporters for your cause, increasing community engagement and generating further awareness. 


The Krispy Kreme fundraising program is a tried and true community hit because people love the simplicity of just purchasing doughnuts online and knowing a percentage of the order goes to a good cause.


“The Digital Dozens fundraising campaign is an easy and flexible way to easily fundraise for your fundraiser. They take all the hard load work of fundraising and allow you to sit back and promote your fundraiser!  ” 

– Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority Inc. Lambda Chapter


You set everything up so all I had to do was send it out. I am so thankful for that because I hate fundraising and you all made it easy.”

– Broomfield HS Theatre


Whether you are fundraising on behalf of your school, religious group, sports team, or charitable organization, a Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser can be just the ticket for you.


“That it’s super easy and convenient for students to promote and it’s a fundraiser that can be very versatile and used anywhere” 

– Independence High School Sports Medicine Club


Think This Could Work For Your Organization?

As you’ve seen from the above Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens reviews, launching your own campaign is rewarding in multiple ways. A Krispy Kreme fundraiser helps you bring more attention to your cause as well as gives your supporters the perfect excuse to enjoy some sweet doughnuts.


Why not check it out for yourself?r Enrolling your organization takes 5 simple steps:


  1. Request a campaign – here you’ll be asked to set the donation goal, doughnut price and campaign start date.
  2. Share your Purchase Page – once your fundraiser is live, you’ll receive a custom sales page where supporters across the country can claim their dozens. 
  3. Get your organization involved – Add team members to your campaign to exponentially increase awareness of your fundraiser
  4. Enjoy delicious doughnuts with your supporters!
  5. Collect your check – Once the end date has passed, you will receive an email with the results of your campaign and a check will be mailed for your total donation.