How to Host a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser and a Fundraising Alternative for the Sweet Tooth

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

Everyone knows the deliciously glazed donuts, but did you know that you can also have a Krispy Kreme fundraiser? This is a mouthwatering way that Krispy Kreme is helping give back to their donut-crazy customers. This post will tell you everything you need to know about fundraising with Krispy Kreme, as well as introduce you to one more sweet fundraising option–the Cinnabon fundraiser.

The Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

If you’re not familiar with the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser already, it is very similar to Girl Scout cookie sales. Here’s how it works: Your organization is buying X amount of donuts from Krispy Kreme at a discounted price and reselling them to the supporters of your organization for a markup, generally earning 50-60% profit for your organization!

The Krispy Kreme fundraiser allows you to raise money while sharing delicious donuts like this sugar and cinnamon ones!

To achieve this, we’ve broken it down to five easy steps:

  1. Click here to select your Krispy Kreme location.
  2. Choose a date for the fundraiser and fill out information about your organization or cause.
  3. Let everyone know! The more people involved the more money to be raised.
  4. Complete an order form for each participant and collect the money from supporters when they place the order.
  5. Delivery day! When the time comes for donuts, you can either pick them up from Krispy Kreme or have them delivered to you to then distribute amongst your supporters.


The fundraiser must be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to the date, however more time is recommended to get the word out to as many people as possible and maximize fundraising potential.


The window for donut sales during your Krispy Kreme fundraiser can be anywhere from one day to two weeks long. The longer window makes this type of fundraiser perfect for busy, spread out groups that can’t all get together at the same time. This could get a little hectic for the fundraiser coordinator however, as you will have to turn on your salesman-brain to get supporters to place orders beforehand, then run around distributing donuts during the fundraiser.


There are over 300 Krispy Kreme locations nationwide looking to help fundraise for your cause! Few can resist their delicious donuts, so why not indulge and raise some money for a good cause at the same time?!

The Cinnabon Fundraiser

The Cinnabon is a famously tasty treat and the Cinnabon fundraiser is almost just as sweet! The style of the Cinnabon fundraiser is slightly different than that of Krispy Kreme. Here’s how it works: You select a date and time for your fundraiser and during that allotted time all supporters come to Cinnabon and share some delectable delights. Then Cinnabon will donate 15% of the total sales during that time to your cause within 4-6 weeks after the fundraiser!

A great alternative for the Krispy Kreme fundraiser is to hold a Cinnabon one! Just as delicious!

The process to book a Cinnabon fundraiser takes less than three minutes. Here is the entire fundraising experience broken down in five simple steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to search for a location near you.
  2. Select a date and time for your fundraiser and fill out information about your organization.
  3. Spread the word to all friends, family, coworkers, and potential supporters.
  4. On the fundraising day, feast on some Cinnabons with all your supporters! They can show up at different times during the fundraiser, and simply let the store know that they are participating.
  5. 4-6 weeks later, Cinnabon will mail you a check.


Fundraising requests must be placed at least two weeks prior to the desired fundraising date to maximize the amount of time for fundraiser promotion–read up on some promotional tips and hacks hereWith nearly 300 participating locations across the country there will surely be near your organization and supporters.

Sale donuts for your Krispy Kreme fundraiser or share these classic Cinnabons with friends?

The Cinnabon style fundraiser is great for groups who value coming together or perhaps who are a little unfamiliar with each other or the cause. The act of sharing a treat is not only a great way to spend time together, but also presents an opportunity to inform or introduce others to the cause, growing the support base for your organization!



Here’s a quick compare and contrast of these two flavorsome fundraisers:

Type of Fundraiser:

  • Krispy Kreme: One individual makes sales, collects order forms, and distributes donuts.
  • Cinnabon: Participants enjoy some sweets during the allotted time. The whole group can come together and share a treat.

Amount Earned:

  • Krispy Kreme: 50-60% sales profit.
  • Cinnabon: 15% of total bill.

Amount of Time Until Money is Received:

  • Krispy Kreme: Instantly (if you collect money when participants fill out order forms).
  • Cinnabon: Four to six weeks post-fundraiser.

Amount of Time Necessary to Request Fundraiser:

  • Krispy Kreme: Two days.
  • Cinnabon: Two weeks.

Locations Nationwide:

  • Krispy Kreme: Over 300.
  • Cinnabon: Nearly 300.


  • Krispy Kreme: Sweet and delicious.
  • Cinnabon: Delicious and sweet.

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