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Little Caesars Fundraiser Step-by-Step and More Pizza Possibilities

Posted by Bennett Slavsky

The Little Caesars Fundraiser is an awesome way to raise money for your organization while having a little family fun cooking up pizzas at the same time. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, this blog post will tell you everything you need to know about fundraising with Little Caesars, as well as walk you through two other pizza-centered fundraising possibilities with California Pizza Kitchen and Papa Murphy’s.

Little Caesars Fundraiser

A Little Caesars Fundraiser works very similarly to Girl Scout Cookie fundraisers. Members, supporters, friends, and family place orders on frozen Pizza Kits over a two to three week period. Little Caesars has over twenty different Pizza Kits to choose from, ranging from the Three Meat Treat to cheese pizza, famous Crazy Bread to Classic Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough. Each Pizza Kit costs between $18 and $24, a great value considering that most kits come with three large pizzas. Every Pizza Kit sold brings in $6 dollars profit for your group!

Host a Little Caesars fundraiser to enjoy cheesy pepperoni pizza while raising some dough

Little Caesars accepts all nonprofit groups to participate in their fundraisers, from sports teams to church groups to university clubs and more. You can register online 24 hours a day. Registration is simple and just requires you to fill out group and contact information, as well as dates for your fundraiser. After registering for your Little Caesars Fundraiser, you will be sent an email the following morning containing the brochures to distribute amongst supporters.


Little Caesars recommends you have a two to three week selling period to distribute the brochures and order forms among your supporters, plus an additional week before the delivery date to collect money. Sellers can collect checks payable to the organization from their supporters. Payment is due to Little Caesars upon delivery by cashier’s check or money order, and the organization keeps the profits instantly.


Deliveries are made to a single location, then it is up to the organizers and supports of the fundraiser to distribute and pick up the orders. Free delivery is provided for orders of more than 100 Pizza Kits. For orders between 50 and 100 Pizza Kits, a $50 dollar delivery charge is added. Little Caesars does not deliver for less than 50 orders–you can still hold a fundraiser, but orders will have picked up from a Pizza Kit distributor. Be aware that there are only fourteen distributor locations across the country, so if you don’t think your organization will hit the 50 order mark than this fundraiser may not be for you.


The Little Caesars Fundraiser is a great option for groups that are busy and spread out and perhaps can’t all make it to one event at the same time to fundraise. The selling period gives the group maximum time to maximize their sales and money raised. Not to mention the awesome family fun that comes along will a night of baking pizzas and Crazy Bread right in your own kitchen!

California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

The California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Fundraiser is a different way to raise money that is still centered around indulging in some delicious pizza. CPK is partnered with GroupRaise to organize what are known as restaurant fundraisers: friends, family, and supporters all come together and share a meal at a selected CPK location, and after the meal 20% of the total bill is donated back to your cause. It is a simple, fun, and stress free way to fundraise.

CPK's Pizza, an alternative to the Little Caesars Fundraiser

CPK’s menu consists of an array of mouth watering and unique artisan pizzas, as well as a wide variety of other entrees like fish tacos and chicken salads. There will undoubtedly be something for everyone to enjoy at CPK. With menu prices averaging at $17 per meal, this could be a great way to easily raise money for your group, as well as be a fun night out amongst the supporters.


CPK accepts all nonprofit groups to fundraise. To register for a CPK fundraiser takes less than a minute. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Find a location near you,
  2. Select a date and time,
  3. Attach your W9 form,
  4. Press submit!


Fundraising requests have to be submitted at least two weeks prior to your desired date and time. This is to give you enough time to spread the word to as many potential supporters as possible, as it will maximize the success and the fun of the fundraiser. Check out this other post for more ways to increase fundraising potential.


When your fundraising date arrives, the friends, family, and group members who come out to show their support during the allotted time simply need to let the restaurant know that they are participating in the fundraiser and their sales will be added to the overall bill–no flyers necessary. Once all is said and done, after everyone has had a great time sharing a meal and sharing time with one another, CPK will donate 20% of the total bill back to your cause within four to six weeks post-fundraiser! CPK also has 185 participating locations across the country, so there is sure to be a location near you!


Hosting a restaurant fundraiser with CPK is perfect for groups that value spending time with one another. There is no better way to connect with people than to come together over a delicious meal. It is also a great opportunity to introduce new members to your organization. Perhaps there is a friend of a friend who isn’t sure exactly what your group does, but could easily be enticed into an event by pizza–all of the sudden, you’ve found your newest member.

Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser

The Papa Murphy’s Take-and-Bake Fundraiser is the best of both worlds between the restaurant fundraiser and baking your own pizza. Like CPK, Papa Murphy’s is also partnered with GroupRaise and the fundraising system is almost identical: select one of Papa Murphy’s 94 locations, date, and time; during the allotted time supporters come and pick up their Take-and-Bake pizzas and let the restaurant know that they are participating in the fundraiser. Your supporters will be taking these freshly made raw pizzas home to bake in their very own ovens.

A Little Caesars Fundraiser alternative: baking at home your own Papa Murphy's lovely pizzas

Papa Murphy’s has a ton of options and toppings that are sure to dazzle the taste buds of all fundraiser participants. They take pride in their hand rolled dough, hand chopped veggies, and handmade pizzas. All pizzas are made fresh everyday and never frozen. Take-and-Bake pizza prices average at $12. Papa Murphy’s accepts all nonprofit groups for fundraising.


The process to request a fundraiser with Papa Murphy’s is very easy:


  1. Find a location near you,
  2. Select a date and time,
  3. Press submit!


Once again, requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the desired date to maximize the number of supporters who will come out to buy their Take-and-Bake pizzas. The Papa Murphy’s fundraiser is similar to Little Caesars because they are both bake-at-home pizza options, but Papa Murphy’s is a lot less legwork for the fundraiser organizer. The fundraiser organizer does not need to take orders or collect money, they just need to spread the word!


On the day of the fundraiser participants go to Papa Murphy’s during the allotted time to purchase their pizzas. All they have to do is let the location know that they are a part of the fundraiser and their bill will be counted toward the total–no flyers necessary. After the fundraiser, Papa Murphy’s will donate 20% of sales that day to your cause within four to six weeks.


The Papa Murphy’s fundraiser is just as easy to organize as CPK, but also works well for a group with busy schedules as they can just pick up their pizza and cook it on their own time. There is also something so special and gratifying about pulling a freshly made gourmet pizza right out of your own oven!


Here is a quick comparison of these three awesome pizza-focused fundraising options:

Type of Fundraiser

  • Little Caesars Fundraiser: Pizza Kit with selling period and order forms.
  • CPK: Dine in or take out restaurant fundraiser, share a meal together all at once.
  • Papa Murphy’s: Take out restaurant fundraiser.

Money Raised

  • Little Caesars Fundraiser: $6 per Pizza Kit sold.
  • CPK: 20% of total bill.
  • Papa Murphy’s: 20% of total bill.

Amount of Time to Spread the Word

  • Little Caesars Fundraiser: Two to three week selling period.
  • CPK: Requests submitted at least two weeks before single fundraising date.
  • Papa Murphy’s: Requests submitted at least two weeks before single fundraising date.

Time to Receive Money Post-Fundraiser

  • Little Caesars: Instantly.
  • CPK: Four to six weeks.
  • Papa Murphy’s: Four to six weeks.

Number of Locations

  • Little Caesars: 14 Pizza Kit distributor locations (will deliver anywhere in U.S. but require at least 50 orders).
  • CPK: 185 participating locations.
  • Papa Murphy’s: 94 participating locations.

Average Cost:

  • Little Caesars: $21
  • CPK: $17
  • Papa Murphy’s: $12

Type of Pizza:

  • Little Caesars: Frozen Pizza Kit.
  • CPK: Fresh artisan pizzas baked in restaurant.
  • Papa Murphy’s: Fresh gourmet Take-and-Bake

Need More Fundraising Alternatives?

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