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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Katie Tincello

Did you know that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States? Lung cancer affects a large percentage of the population, whether by direct impact or through knowing someone with the illness. 


Lung Cancer Awareness month is a month dedicated to supporting lung cancer charities and raising awareness of both the illness and the many organizations and nonprofits working in research and care support. 


Throughout the month, charities host fundraiser events and awareness campaigns to educate people of the causes of lung cancer and how to prevent it, and to raise important funds for scientific research. 


Lung Cancer Awareness month is an incredibly important cause that you can support. 


There are so many different ways to involve yourself with lung cancer awareness, from taking part in local charity events, to wearing the lung cancer awareness colour, or even organizing your own fundraiser event in your community.


This article contains everything you need to know about Lung Cancer Awareness month 2022 and some great ways on how you can get involved with supporting it!


Lung Cancer Awareness month

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When is lung cancer awareness month

Lung Cancer Awareness month is November. The campaign started in 1995 as a lung cancer awareness day but quickly grew into a larger campaign as more charities and scientific bodies dedicated themselves to researching the illness and supporting those affected.


Lung Cancer Awareness month is now recognized globally, and many international charities such as the IASLC (the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer) and the Global Lung Cancer Coalition are involved with leading the campaign to promote this global initiative.


Lung Cancer Awareness fundraiser ideas

A big part of Lung Cancer Awareness month are the many fundraiser events that connected charities organize throughout the month to raise funds for vital cancer research. 


There are many ways to get involved with Lung Cancer Awareness fundraiser campaigns or to even organize your own awareness campaign at work or for your community. 


Taking part in Lung Cancer Awareness month doesn’t have to be complicated, and these ideas are all great options for anyone interested in showing their support this November!


Wear your support

Curious what colour is lung cancer awareness? The globally recognised lung cancer awareness colour is white, and there are many ways you can wear your support during Lung Cancer Awareness month, from the popular ribbon, to bracelets and T-shirts.


Lung Cancer Awareness ribbon

Just like other awareness campaigns, those supporting Lung Cancer Awareness month will often choose to wear the lung cancer awareness ribbon on their clothes throughout the month as a sign of support. To help promote Lung Cancer Awareness, sell the ribbon to friends and colleagues and donate funds to cancer research.

Group of People Holding Cancer Awareness Ribbons

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Lung Cancer Awareness bracelet

Similar to ribbons, a lung cancer awareness bracelet is another great option for raising funds and promoting awareness. Encourage friends and colleagues to buy their ribbon in support of Lung Cancer Awareness and hand out leaflets with information on the campaign at the same time.


You can source ribbons and bracelets from various lung cancer charities ahead of November.


Lung Cancer Awareness shirts

Why not get a little more creative and design some lung cancer awareness t-shirts? This is a great fundraising idea for those part of a community group or club as you can design custom t-shirts for everyone and wear them together!


Use your lungs for Lung Cancer Awareness

Physical challenges and activities are always popular and successful fundraising activities, but it seems extra fitting to put those lungs to use during Lung Cancer Awareness month


As an individual, you could sign up for a sports challenge and create a donation page for your chosen lung cancer charity. If you are a member of a club, organize a fun sports event, such as a soccer match or community walk, and encourage members to take part and raise funds for lung cancer awareness!


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The charity Lung Cancer Research Foundation organises annual ‘Free to Breathe’ walking events across the country that everyone can take part in to support their important work.


Lung Cancer Awareness at work

Organizing a Lung Cancer Awareness event at work can be a really successful means of raising funds for your chosen charity. There are many simple ways to have a big impact in your workplace.


Coffee breaks and Bake Sale

Host a Lung Cancer Awareness coffee hour at work and bake some treats to sell and raise funds. Grab a few colleagues to help out and put on a delicious spread – even better if you ice your bakes with the lung cancer awareness colour!


Person Sitting Near Table With Teacups and Plates

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Use your coffee hour to sell lung cancer awareness ribbons or bracelets, hand out information leaflets, and collect donations.


Restaurant fundraiser

Organize a restaurant fundraiser for lung cancer awareness and promote it at your workplace. A restaurant fundraiser is an easy way to raise funds for a cause that everyone can take part in and enjoy.


Hamburger and Fries Photo

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Choose from one of your local restaurants offering fundraiser meals and share your event with colleagues. From burgers and pizza, to donuts and more, there’s something for everyone! A percentage of all sales will be donated back to your chosen charity, and everyone can enjoy delicious food for a great cause.


Office Collection Day

For a simple and effective lung cancer awareness fundraiser, organize an office collection day where you collect donations for a chosen lung cancer charity. Set up a donation page or design a donation box that you can put around the office. You could make this a bigger event by asking your company to match all donations, immediately doubling your funds! 


Social media lung cancer fundraisers

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to fundraising and raising awareness for a cause. Use social media to promote your lung cancer awareness fundraiser and get more people involved. 


You can share links to donation pages via Facebook and Instagram, or use hashtags to join the international fundraising efforts, such as #lungcancerawareness and #lungcancerawarenessmonth2022.

Other popular social media ideas include changing your profile photo to a Lung Cancer Awareness month banner, or posting about the campaign onto your platform to help raise awareness across your community.

Charities that support Lung Cancer 

If you want to donate to a charity for lung cancer, there are lots to choose from that are working both nationally and across the globe. We’ve listed the major charities below.


There are also many groups and organizations that organize fundraising events for Lung Cancer Awareness month that you can take part in, or enable individuals to host their own lung cancer awareness fundraiser and support this important cause.


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Foundations and Charities:
  • Lung Cancer Research Foundation: LCRF is an international body that supports lung cancer research. They organize clinical trials and research campaigns, as well as fundraising events throughout the year.
  • Lung Cancer Foundation of America: America’s Largest lung cancer foundation that is supporting transformative lung cancer research.
  • American Lung Association: an organization dedicated to educating people on how to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.
  • Lung Cancer Initiative: a nonprofit that provides support to the lung cancer community, including patients and family of those affected.
  • LUNGevity Foundation: the foundation provides both medical care and emotional support and resources for lung cancer patients.


Fundraising groups:

  • LUNG FORCE: LUNG FORCE is the fundraising campaign from the American Lung Association, encouraging individuals to walk and run together to raise awareness during November.
  • Free to Breathe: Free to Breathe is a campaign from LCRF. They host the ‘Free to Breathe’ walks across the US towards the end of October to raise funds for lung cancer.
  • GroupRaise: GroupRaise is a restaurant fundraising platform that enables individuals, groups, and nonprofits to organize fundraiser meals across the US.




  • GO2: A foundation for Lung Cancer Awareness that holds fundraiser events across the country throughout the year that everyone can take part in! Find details here.


Lungs for life!

Lung Cancer Awareness month is a hugely important cause and something that we should all support each year. Even the simple step of wearing the lung cancer awareness colour with a ribbon or bracelet can make a difference, whether that be through your donation or the conversation it sparks with others.


If you’re looking for a way to support lung cancer awareness month 2022, we hope this article will give you some ideas for hosting a lung cancer awareness fundraiser, donating to one of the many great charities, or finding out more about the campaign.



For even more great ideas for lung cancer awareness fundraisers you could organize for your friends, club, or community, take a look around the GroupRaise blog.