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MCL Restaurant & Bakery Fundraising – A Comfort Food Lover’s Guide

There’s no denying the joy of indulging in mouthwatering comfort food with your loved ones. But what if you could elevate that experience by combining it with a fundraising initiative? Enter MCL Restaurant & Bakery fundraising, where you and your organization can enjoy delectable meals while contributing to a worthy cause. Let’s delve into how this fundraiser works and why it’s a perfect choice for your group.


This guide will take you through the ins and outs of organizing a successful fundraising event that will leave your taste buds satisfied and your organization’s coffers full. An MCL Restaurant & Bakery Fundraising event is a dream come true for comfort food lovers and fundraising enthusiasts alike.


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How do I organize an MCL Restaurant & Bakery fundraising event?

Organizing an MCL Restaurant & Bakery fundraiser is a breeze, taking just a few simple steps:


  1. Choose your preferred MCL Restaurant & Bakery location.
  2. Select a date and time for your fundraiser.
  3. Provide your group details and estimate the number of attendees.
  4. Hit submit and voila! It’s as easy as pie.


Make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before your event date. Then, MCL Restaurant & Bakery has 7 days to respond to your request. All types of groups can fundraise, from college clubs to charities to PTAs and more!


Once your event is confirmed, it’s time to spread the word! Log into your social media accounts and notify your friends, family, and supporters about your upcoming MCL Restaurant & Bakery fundraiser. Spread your event’s GroupRaise Meal Page, so supporters can RSVP and get an email reminder on the day of the fundraiser. Remember, the more people who attend, the greater the funds raised for your organization.


Are you new to fundraising? No worries! Hosting a restaurant fundraiser with MCL Restaurant & Bakery is actually pretty easy. Check out our tips on how to promote and host a successful fundraiser.


Next, your attendees just need to show up during your event’s time slot and tell the restaurant staff they’re dining to support your cause. You might even find that takeout orders can contribute to the fundraiser (it’s always wise to check with the specific location beforehand). There’s no setup, teardown, or hassle involved—just make sure everyone comes hungry. After all, who can resist the allure of MCL Restaurant & Bakery’s delectable comfort food?

Within 4-6 weeks after the event, expect to receive a check in the mail, representing 20% of the total sales from your event. What’s even more exciting is that there’s no limit to the number of fundraisers you can host with Lou Malnati’s. So, feel free to request another one whenever you’re ready!


Image from MCL Restaurant & Bakery social media page


Why host a MCL Restaurant & Bakery fundraising event?


Now, you might be wondering, why should you choose MCL Restaurant & Bakery for your fundraising event? Allow us to tantalize your taste buds and highlight the perks:


First and foremost, MCL Restaurant & Bakery serves comfort food that will impress your attendees. From their signature dishes to a variety of options, every item on the menu is crafted with utmost care. Even the pickiest eaters will find a delightful option to savor. Moreover, MCL Restaurant & Bakery offers vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives, catering to diverse dietary preferences.


As if the scrumptious food weren’t enough, MCL Restaurant & Bakery is incredibly generous in giving back to your group. With menu prices averaging between $15 and a donation rate of 20%, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your organization’s goals in no time.

Bring Your Community Together


By hosting an MCL Restaurant & Bakery fundraiser, you not only raise funds for your cause but also bring your community together. It’s a perfect opportunity to bond over mouthwatering comfort food while supporting something you deeply care about. So, gather your friends, family, and supporters, and join hands to make a difference—all while relishing the irresistible flavors of MCL Restaurant & Bakery’s dishes.