Noodles and Company Fundraising - Pasta and Raising Money

Noodles and Company Fundraising – Pasta and Raising Money

Posted by Kate Christie

Fundraising just got a whole lot more delicious! If there’s anything more satisfying than enjoying amazing pasta, it’s pasta plus raising money for your favorite cause.


Now, Noodles and Company is partnering with groups and organizations across the country to fill your family’s bellies–and your nonprofit group’s bank account. Noodles and Company fundraising is one of the most rewarding, simple, and tasty paths to raising dough. Get this: they’re giving back 30% to fundraising groups!


In this article, you’ll learn all about how to host a Noodles and Company fundraising event. Spoiler alert – it’s actually super easy!

Infographic: Noodles and Company fundraising at a glance

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Noodles and Company Fundraising: How It Works

Here’s the scoop on how Noodles and Company fundraising works. It only takes 1 minute to set up your fundraiser!


  1. Choose your Noodles and Company location
  2. Select a date and time range for your fundraiser
  3. Complete some basic information about your organization
  4. Submit!



Please note: Noodles and Company welcomes groups with a W-9 form, which simply shows that your organization pays taxes.


Make sure to submit your request at least 30 days before your event date. Then, Noodles and Company has 7 days to respond to your request.


You’ll get an email when your group is good to go–and you’ll want to start shouting the news from the rooftops the moment it hits your inbox. Encourage your group to spread the word about its fundraiser through fliers, word-of-mouth, social media, and any other platforms your group members can think of. Remember, the more supporters you can gather for your fundraiser, the more you’ll earn!


Check out our post about how to promote/host a successful restaurant fundraiser for more tips and advice.


Day-of, every person that comes to the restaurant during your event and says they’re with your organization will have a portion of their bill added to your donation total. Delicious noodles + a fun time with your supporters + funds for your group = the best fundraiser ever!


Finally, 4-6 weeks after your event, you’ll receive a check in the mail with the total donation amount. It’s as easy as that!


You can hold 3 fundraisers per year (or every 4 months) at Noodles and Company, so feel free to make it a tradition!

Is a Noodles and Company fundraising event right for me?

Noodles and Company is the perfect place for a fundraiser. First of all, you’ll be in pasta heaven. If you haven’t tried their mac ‘n’ cheese, you’re in for a treat! Not digging mac ‘n’ cheese? No problem! Noodles and Company also offers delicious pad thai.


What’s more, they have vegetarian options, so there will be something for everyone. There are gluten-sensitive options too! Everyone in your group will be satisfied. You can even browse the menu ahead of time on the Noodles and Company website.


Noodles and Company is also convenient, affordable, and flexible. With an average menu price of $10, it’s an accessible night out option for those watching their budget.

Gather Your Group!

Now that you’ve heard all about the delicious dining options and exciting fundraising potential of Noodles and Company, try it out for your organization’s next fundraiser! Find a participating location near you or view other restaurant fundraising opportunities in your area below.