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Never Pick Guac Or Queso At An On The Border Fundraiser, Try Both

Posted by Steven Keely

Colors stand out at an On the Border fundraiser. This GroupRaise article gives a green light to fundraising here!


What’s the real visual appeal? 

  • Start with bright slopes of sticky guacamole dip and sheathes of thin fresh lettuce.
  • Observe sharp red, for tomatoes and chilis and the center of carne asada strips.
  • And rest on rich brown, for smooth frijoles and the part of the meat that got sizzled good.


Tex-Mex is like that. It looks good and it tastes even better


Any On the Border fundraiser benefits from over 40 years of this restaurant chain selling endless waiter waves of hot crispy chips fresh from the oven for the Tex-Mex dip trifecta.

  • Queso
  • Salsas
  • Guac 


With that high-level summary in mind, let’s figure out why On the Border fundraising is a big hit with group organizers. Let’s talk facts.


On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina: strong flavors & big portions

Fact: performance under pressure makes for foodie gems. That’s why the long life of On the Border signals a menu worth salivating over. 


The fast snap & crack noise you hear at an On the Border restaurant? It’s as common a sensation as the spread of lime & cilantro across your tongue once you try the salsa with those On the Border tortilla chips


On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is never in-between winning and losing, you either don’t dig their style of Tex-Mex or you dig in. To big portions. And strong flavors, never too spicy. That’s the On the Border menu.


One reason why On the Border restaurants take Tex-Mex with a twist? The food has a mesquite wood flavor, giving real substance to the sizzling cuts on that hard-working grill.


That unique style is available at all On the Border locations, for lunch and dinner. Pop in for something light at lunch, like a couple tacos, or get it hot & heavy with fajitas at dinner. 


Where does a great food experience come from?

  • Flavor?
  • Appearance?
  • Texture?
  • Touch?
  • Smell?


All of it. All of it matters.


Visualize it now. The color of corn, the sharp triangle shapes, the spaces in-between those On the Border chips in a basket right on your table. You can feel the warmth coming off them. You try one, it crunches. It’s good, but what about dips?


Consider On the Border queso, melted to a thick savory liquid. This is real Tex-Mex food, you can tell because of the strong yellow cheese flavor. Sample some On the Border salsa. A little red zest, not too much spice. And the guacamole? Don’t get me started. 


With some On the Border nachos, you & your crew face down a pile of the best cheesy, salsa-y, and guac-y, chips combination you could dare to dream.


Tex-Mex dishes


Your chips, drenched in queso. Your group account, drenched in donations. That’s an On the Border fundraiser. 


Plus, accommodate people with a need for gluten-free. Check out the options in the On the Border menu, like Chicken Tortilla Soup!


On the Border fundraising draws RSVPs like hands to fresh warm chips

A good restaurant experience is unique for the new guest and the loyal ones too. The brand instills an instinctive idea, like decades-refined Tex-Mex & chilled sweet margaritas.


Restaurant fundraising takes this fundamental layer of business-customer connection and adds another: local bonds. On the Border fundraising builds community one crisp chip, one over-loaded dip, at a time


Let’s be for real, as real as the fresh tomato in the salsa you’re enjoying next to your teammates & people you’ve never seen before. People are happy because you picked a product they already want to buy and combined it with another. 


Firing up delicious Tex-Mex favorites


And while other restaurants primarily appeal to families & neighbors, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina also offers grown-ups a feast of food and interesting new margaritas flavors. Read more about On the Border happy hour below!


The On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina brand & offer? A fantastic Tex-Mex experience.


But what about prices? And how does On the Border fundraising work? Let’s chat about it…in the next section!


An On the Border restaurant is a mesquite wood sure-fire way to incite kind-hearted people to action. Dripping over the sides nacho cheese, action. 


Find an On the Border near me and inspire local Tex-Mex lovers to donate. Do it now, top of mind, top of the guac pile, in minutes. 



The menu is adventurous, but On the Border has the mechanics down

A wise person once said not to stay On the Border between one choice and another. You’ve got to make your bed and lie in it. 


Your bed of nachos that is. 


So you’re interested in hosting an On the Border fundraiser. Join the crowd! Why? Reasons, starting with donations. 


Across all On the Border locations, your group receives a substantial 20% of all meal sales. Just make sure people give the right code to the cashier or when ordering online (see below). All your team has to do is secure 20 RSVPs and the 20% give back is yours! 


Large meal sizes led forward by a bold flavor campaign? Well worth a reasonable $16 average meal price. People go for true satisfaction, culinary and social. Chat, eat, and drink for the mission & the ‘mmmm’ factor between the On the Border hours of 11:00 am and 10:00 pm. 


Do you have a minute, or is it already gone?

It’s too little to get real work done, hardly enough to have a fun time. But a minute is plenty of time to schedule a group meal. And getting confirmation within a week, with your money back in as little as a month? On the Border has this timing thing down!


But you know, while you’re searching around the internet about On the Border fundraising, you’ll want to know what previous group organizers have said. Check out what Tara, a volunteer for a congenital heart defect charity, said in this GroupRaise blog post.


And once you’re convinced that On the Border is the right fundraising call, how do you hit that 20 RSVP minimum?


Promote, promote, promote.

But how? In three ways, each proven and improved through practice.


One. Your team sends around a Fundraiser Page on social media. It’s unique to your On the Border event, already filled out! They can click on a link and sign up, as easy as grabbing another chip before they get cold. 


Two. Group volunteers show friends, family & acquaintances a Fundraiser Flyer for your meal. Do it online, do it in person, with a digital and analog version. It looks good just like the food!


Three. Worry not about reminding people to show up as they said, because you’ve got friendly & effective draft texts and online content taken care of by GroupRaise. 


Believe, and you will receive a bountiful harvest of supporter deposits after a filling meal of black beans, tortillas, red meat and other Tex-Mex ingredients. Believe that these promotional tools will work for your crew, just as they have for other groups!


The food might be classic Mexican with quite the Tex-Mex twist, but the tech is modern at On the Border Mexican Grill. Check out the online ordering options, you can do pick-up & take-out. 


And all you’ve got to do is take a minute to imagine each available day on the calendar as a different margarita. Strawberry sounds good right now. So does 20% back for a worthy cause. At the price of a quick calendar review.



Cold margs & meritorious charities chill at On the Border happy hour

A big gaping margarita glass sits in front of you, filled near to the brim. It’s citrus sour, cold but not so much you can’t start sipping. It’s just too good, this Barrel Aged ‘Rita. Big oak barrels aged this tequila, until it was mixed by the table – with the rest of the ingredients that make you forget the stress of your day…


…and remind you of a bigger picture, the mission you move forward. Plus, restaurant fundraising relies on a few insights.


  • Donations don’t need to come slowly.
  • Promoting a fundraiser doesn’t need to feel difficult.
  • People love eating & drinking together.


An On the Border happy hour takes these three insights and sells a wonderful experience to anyone who meets the legal drinking age. Hang out with friends and co-workers for a fun time!


Just note that no alcoholic beverage at On the Border counts toward your donations, so the 20% give back comes off all meal sales excluding the margaritas for example.


Variety is a Tex-Mex feature, which is why the On the Border drink menu has all kinds of margarita flavors. 


Like…the Sangria Swirl. Or the Blackberry Smash. These On the Border Mexican Grill drink-smiths are creative people, I have to say. 


So if your group’s broader social network is made more of adults than students or kids without babysitters, experiment with an On the Border happy hour. In this context On the Border fundraising offers the same menu but with a more relaxed social vibe. 


You can – and should! – still have a family-friendly fundraiser with this Tex-Mex powerhouse, but in keeping with the culinary theme, you’ve got options. Options & options.


Discover time-tested Tex-Mex success at an On the Border fundraiser

Your group should host at least one On the Border fundraiser. Tex-Mex is a great choice for any lunch or dinner. And the people have spoken: On the Border does Tex-Mex well. They do it Border-style. 


And that’s exactly why On the Border fundraising works. People want to dip On the Border tortilla chips with guac, queso & salsa. They’ll want to do it even more, at the date & time you select, to help your cause. 


An On the Border fundraiser is a time-tested tool to gain donations. It isn’t hard work, that’s all handled by restaurant staff. All you see is the back-end, plates of steaming sustenance and bowls of cool dip. 


So take a minute, strawberry margarita in one hand, and see how On the Border sets aside time for missions worth marching forward.