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Pie Five Fundraising 101: Raising Money for your Group

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

Fundraising just got a whole lot more delicious! If there’s anything more satisfying than enjoying amazing pizza, it’s pizza plus raising money for your favorite cause.


Pie Five is known for their mouth-watering pizza pies, and now they’re taking it to the next level by giving back. When you host a Pie Five fundraising event on behalf of your group or organization, you’ll get a pretty sweet reward: 15% donated back to you!


In this article, we’ll give you the full run-down on the whos, whats, and hows, and why Pie Five is perfect for your group’s next fundraiser.

Infographic: Pie Five fundraising at a glance

Image by GroupRaise

Requesting a Pie Five Fundraising Event

Requesting a fundraising event at Pie Five takes just 1 minute:


  1. Choose a Pie Five location that’s close-by for your group and its supporters
  2. Select a convenient date and time for your group
  3. Complete some basic information about your organization
  4. Click submit!



Make sure to submit your request at least 2 weeks before your event date. Then, Pie Five has 7 days to respond to your request. All groups are welcome to fundraise at Pie Five!


When your request has been approved, it’s time to promote the event to your supporters. Spread the word on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to create awareness and excitement, and get everyone ready for a deliciously fun event! Check out our tips and tricks to boost attendance here: How to Host a Successful Fundraiser. Attendees can RSVP on GroupRaise’s Meal Page, which will remind them of the deliciousness that awaits them.


On the event day, come with your friends, family, supporters, and appetite! Just make sure attendees mention that they’re with your organization and the restaurant will handle the rest. Within 4-6 weeks after the event, expect a check in the mail for 15% of the total sales from your event. Cha-ching!


Once you’ve seen for yourself how easy and fun Pie Five fundraising is, you’ll be itching to host another event. Good news: you can hold as many as you want!

Tasty pizza from above on a wooden paddle at a Pie Five fundraising event

Image by Rahul Upadhyay from Unsplash

Why fundraise at Pie Five?

Dining at Pie Five is a fun and easy way to raise money for your organization – with tasty pizza! Create your own pizza or go for the double pepperoni calzones – you’ll be happy either way. What’s more, your supporters will enjoy choosing from a wide range of menu possibilities. That includes vegetarian-friendly choices. There are gluten-free options too! To learn more, view the menu on the Pie Five website.


In addition to their incredible pizza, consider this: with an average menu price of $7, Pie Five is a great fundraising option for families or college students on a budget.

Bring Your Community Together at Pie Five

Pie Five allows you to eat well and devote a portion of your order right back to your favorite cause. There’s nothing better than enjoying tasty pizza, having a good time with your friends and family, and supporting your community – all at the same time!