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Knead Dough? How to Host a Pizza Fundraiser

Posted by Kate Christie

Looking to utilize the power of pizza as a fundraising tool for your organization, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about hosting a pizza fundraiser, and introduce you to a few awesome restaurant options to help you get started!

The pizza fundraiser is a great way to come together with family and friends to fundraise.

The Pizza Fundraiser

Here is how a pizza fundraiser generally works:

  • Friends, family, supporters, and participants all buy a slice (or the whole pie!) from a participating restaurant on a predetermined date
  • Attendees can dine together, separately, or get it to go. They simply let the server know that they are participating in the fundraiser and they’re all set!
  • Afterwards, the restaurant will donate a percentage of the total bill back to your organization

It’s an easy and effective way to raise some dough and what could be better than pizza with a purpose?


Here are a few tasty restaurant options to help you get started:

California Pizza Kitchen

CPK is a great place to host a pizza fundraiser.

California Pizza Kitchen perfected the thin crust pie in the mid-80’s, and they’ve been giving back to their loyal fans through pizza fundraisers since the late-90’s.

Offering a warm dine-in atmosphere with an emphasis on artisan and specialty pizza pies, CPK is perfect for families and large-group fundraisers. They also serve vegetarian and gluten free options, making it a great option for any diner.

Submitting a request takes less than a minute with just three easy steps:

  1. Find a location near you
  2. Select a date and time
  3. Press submit!

The fundraiser request must be made at least two weeks before the desired date. There is no limit to the number of fundraisers one group can hold with CPK.

Once the event gets accepted, spread the word to as many friends, family, and supporters as possible to maximize your fundraising potential. You can find our best tips and tricks to promote your fundraiser in our blog post here.

During the event, friends, family and supporters join together to indulge in some incredible pizza and good times. 

After the event, CPK will donate 20% of the total participating sales that day back to your cause by check within 4 to 6 weeks after your fundraiser.


Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy's delicious Take-N-Bake pizza is a great option for those looking to host a pizza fundraiser.

Papa Murphy’s put their own fresh spin on the pizza fundraiser with the Take-and-Bake pizza– uncooked handmade pizzas ready to be baked and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

These pizzas are made fresh daily and never frozen, and prepared exactly how you’d like from crust to tasty toppings.

Fundraising with Papa Murphy’s is identical to other restaurant fundraisers–supporters come to the restaurant during the allotted time, purchase their Take-and-Bake pizzas, and let the restaurant know that they are participating in the fundraiser. The only difference is that they will be taking the pizzas with them to do the baking in their own kitchen.

After the event, Papa Murphy’s will donate 20% of the total sales by check back to your organization within 4 to 6 weeks.

This type of fundraiser is ideal for groups and organizations with busy members who don’t have the time to dine-in at a restaurant, but could easily pick up a pizza and pop it in the oven at home. Who doesn’t love a deliciously easy homemade meal for a great cause?


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