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How it works: Post-Event Donations at GroupRaise

Posted by Jordan Capes

Your GroupRaise event was a hit, and you now have so many people supporting the cause dear to you. The train doesn’t stop here! To help you exceed your fundraising goal, we are introducing an additional way to fundraise with a feature we call Post-Event Donations.

How it works

Post-Event Donations allows your supporters to go the extra mile by giving in a more direct way to your cause. For seven days after your GroupRaise event, the RSVP button on your Event Page will be replaced with a Donate button that allows anyone to donate with a credit or debit card. Once this seven day window is over, GroupRaise will send you a check for the money that’s been gifted to your organization (we won’t keep a cent for ourselves).

Exceed your goal

By now most people are familiar with your cause thanks to your relentless effort to promote your event, and that gives you a great advantage to get extra help by fundraising online. Here are steps to make the most out of your donation page (formerly your RSVP page):

  1. Encourage people close to you including friends and family who couldn’t participate in your fundraiser
  2. Let those people who RSVPed know about the way they can continue to help
  3. Allow people in other cities/countries know through Facebook and Twitter to maximize your reach

Remember the window to donate only lasts for 7 days after your event so the sooner you spread the word about your donation page, the more you’ll be able raise for the cause you care about.