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How to make a request in 1 min

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Setting up a restaurant fundraiser can bring you all sorts of time-consuming burdens (i.e. countless phone calls, emails & day of logistics). That’s why we built GroupRaise to promote simplicity and to help you request your fundraising events without headaches. 


Imagine being able to raise funds for a cause just by eating a delicious meal with your friends in your favorite restaurant, that is exactly what the GroupRaise fundraiser looks like. 


You can request your fundraiser at local restaurants in less than a minute. Check out the video below to learn how!


Requesting Your Restaurant Fundraiser

As shown in the video, requesting your restaurant fundraiser on GroupRaise is an easy and quick process


All you have to do is:

  1. Visit, type in your address or search by city;
  2. Select an available date, and the best time for your organization; 
  3. Estimate the number of RSVPs; 
  4. Press submit. Easy as that!


It is important to note that fundraising meals are totally free to host, and your group receives one hundred percent of your hard-earned money!


Setting up a restaurant fundraiser is one of the funniest ways to raise funds for a cause you care about. You’ll be able to gather your community, enjoy a tasty meal and at the same time raise funds for your organization.


You can start planning your next restaurant fundraiser as soon as today!