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Your Porsche just got simpler, faster, and greater.

Posted by Devin

Fundraiser is like a Porsche with flat tires.

In our previous post, we’ve learned about how a restaurant makes 100% increase in daily profit from hosting a fundraiser. But, we know the execution isn’t all that easy.

We started GroupRaise with the way restaurants currently host fundraisers. We learned that it took days simply trying to schedule a date, because it required countless phone calls and emails back and forth, not to mention all the missed opportunities from poor communication. Then, organizers had little to no experience in promoting events, often bringing disappointing results.

It simply had too much logistical burden for an unpredictable outcome.

Simplicity + Expertise = Greatness

GroupRaise 2015:

  • Community finds you online and schedule events in clicks
  • Organizers are equipped with promotional tools and best practices to attract more diners
  • 20 RSVP requirements prevent no-shows
  • Restaurants are empowered with greater customer insights & fundraiser stats published in one view