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How GroupRaise Boosts Restaurant Sales

Fundraising can be a great option to boost restaurant sales, all while building a strong connection with your local community and helping important causes.


Partnering with GroupRaise makes the experience of scheduling fundraising events easier than ever and allows you to promote your restaurant to thousands of potential new customers as a brand that gives back. Even though a portion of sales is donated to a charity, the benefits for your restaurant can be huge.


Fundraisers attract a large group of extra customers – 50 on average – that otherwise may not have ordered from your restaurant. Whats more, over 40% of them say that this is their first time visiting.


When you partner with GroupRaise, you’ll have advantages such as getting more customers on a slow Tuesday night, increasing your community engagement, enhancing your brand image, or simply, increasing your restaurant sales and profitability.


In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about joining GroupRaise and how it will help you boost your restaurant sales.


group of people having a good time in a restaurant fundraiser

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What is GroupRaise? A Restaurant Management Software 

GroupRaise is a two part platform. Part one, a restaurant management software that connects merchants with large groups of NPO’s in a 3-5 mile radius from their stores. Part two, the largest fundraising network in the country with 120,000+ charitable organizations. 


By joining the GroupRaise restaurant community, you gain access to game-changing promotion services and a time-saving online platform that will certainly help to boost restaurant sales.


If you’re looking for community outreach ideas and a turnkey way to grow your restaurant marketing and give back program, GroupRaise has streamlined the process of organizing restaurant fundraisers and tracking their impact.


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Why Local Restaurant Fundraisers Work?

The GroupRaise experience is all about bringing communities together over the dinner table. Everybody eats every day and so getting people to use their meal choices to give back makes fundraising so simple.


Inviting someone to your home for dinner is a wonderful experience. Eating together allows you to form close relationships by sharing stories and conversation over your favorite dish.


We believe local restaurant fundraisers offer similar relationship-building opportunities for restaurants and their community. Welcoming fundraising groups brings your restaurant closer to local patrons like school clubs, sports teams, and nonprofits doing great work in the community.


A Cardboard Box with Food Label Beside a Charity Sign and Paper Cups

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Aside from the benefit of giving back to your community or charitable causes, hosting a fundraiser can also have a very positive impact on your restaurant marketing, making it a win-win situation for your business and the nonprofit of your choosing.


If you are looking for a way to increase restaurant sales and do a good deed, then hosting a restaurant fundraiser is, hands down, the way to go. 


Restaurant Operations Made Simple

One of the best benefits of partnering with GroupRaise is how it helps you improve your restaurant operationsThe idea is to make hosting fundraisers scalable.


Think about the time it takes you to manually schedule events each month. With GroupRaise, you can confirm events in just minutes. It only takes 1 minute for community organizers to schedule a fundraiser at one of your locations, and only seconds for you to accept. Check it out here


Many operators face the trouble of  manually reviewing all their fundraiser applications, taking part in time consuming back and forth communication with groups, tax form collecting and post event donation payout. However with GroupRaise, all of that is streamlined for you.


When you list your fundraising program on Groupraise, you can even allow event requests from certain group types to be automatically accepted, and all requests will go to a convenient Event Dashboard, where you’ll find all the information needed. You’ll also have a built-in and centralized event messenger to communicate with the group organizer, and an integrated donation tracking solution for your accounting team.


What’s more, organizers that host an event with your restaurant will receive 10+ auto-generated custom promo tools per event and automated email notifications to ALL involved parties for important milestones and reminders. 


You’ll also have all the support from our Account Management team that will guide you along the way. This is a key part of the partnership with GroupRaise.


Your staff will only need to worry about hosting the best fundraiser they can, and of course, promoting your brand’s fundraising program to further spread the word in your community.


Learn more about it here: How to promote your restaurant’s fundraising for more requests.


Custom Restaurant Marketing

Even if you already have a fundraising program and feel pretty connected to local groups, listing on GroupRaise helps you reach a wider audience and expand both your restaurant marketing and give back program. 


So how does GroupRaise help your restaurant marketing efforts, boost your restaurant sales and also expand your fundraising program? Let us show you.


We do that in three ways:

  • Online Listing as a Local Fundraising Option – Just like everything else, restaurant fundraising has moved into the digital age. Local community groups now search for fundraising options online. With your listing live, fundraising organizers can easily find you by viewing locations around  their address.


Online Listing as a Local Fundraising Option

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  • Email Promotion to Local Groups – While you’re listed on the platform, you’re also included in outreach to people who have already organized or attended a restaurant fundraiser in the past and new potential fundraising groups. Check out the example email below. 


Email Promotion to Local Groups

Source, GroupRaise.


  • Meal Promotion Page and Flyer for Each Event – GroupRaise sets groups up for promotion success with an online Meal Page and shareable/printable flyer for each event. The Meal Page includes your restaurant’s name, location, and more event details. Diners RSVP online using the Meal Page, so you know how many people to expect. In most cases, fundraisers have to meet a minimum of 20 RSVPs, this is to avoid low-turnouts for your restaurant’s benefit. 


Meal Promotion Page

Image by GroupRaise.


Fun Fact: An average fundraiser generates 1000+ views through our promotional flyers & videos. Great exposure for your brand! 


In addition to all of the above, you’ll have all the support you may need during the whole process thanks to our dedicated Customer Success team. 


Hosting Local Restaurant Fundraisers is a Win-Win for Your Brand

Hosting restaurant fundraisers offers so many benefits. It improves your brand’s image, creates a greater sense of community and shows that you care; all things that help to drive patrons to your business and boost your restaurant sales. And, of course, it goes without saying that holding such an event will have a positive impact on the charity of your choosing.


Now you know about partnering with GroupRaise and how it can be beneficial to your business, but to quickly recap, the benefits are:


  1. Making the process of scheduling a fundraiser easier for organizers and your team;
  2. Increasing your community engagement;
  3. Getting more customers;
  4. Enhancing your brand image;
  5. And of course, increasing your restaurant sales and profitability.


So get that ball rolling and let GroupRaise help you take advantage of this profitable yet charitable, customer acquisition strategy in your restaurant!