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McAlister’s Deli Testimonial – Building Sales & Local Ties

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

Brandy Blackwell from McAlister’s Deli shares her experience working with GroupRaise to host local organizations.




Video Transcript

Brandy Blackwell, McAlister’s Deli:

“I think fundraising is essential to every brand. It is important to get out and be involved in the community. It only strengthens the reputation of your brand, grows your sales, helps to set you apart from other organizations. 


GroupRaise has really helped us connect with our community by making it so much easier for our managers and our team members to actually identify what these fundraising opportunities are in every market.


And that’s the entire process so from identifying what organizations to work with to actually booking a fundraiser to executing the fundraiser, it’s really helped to make this a seamless process for us.


So GroupRaise has been a huge help for our management team and our operators. It’s really allowed our managers to focus on the execution within the four walls and providing the best guest service possible without bogging them down you know with the paperwork and all the extra things that goes along with booking a fundraiser. So I think it’s been a win-win situation for GroupRaise and for McAlister’s Deli.


You know, we’re rooted in southern hospitality and I really believe that you feel like McAlister’s is your home away from home. So I think it touches on all of those aspects but also allows you to give back to your organization while enjoying a great meal and that’s what it’s really all about.


McAlister’s Deli was started in 1989 in Oxford Mississippi. Currently we’re in 20 states and we have over 400 locations and growing at a rate of over 40 units per year.


I highly recommend that you check out GroupRaise. It has really helped alleviate the struggles of booking fundraisers and just getting our name out there and I think all it will do is help you to build sales and to make all of your operations easier and your fundraising will grow tremendously.”