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MOD Pizza Testimonial – Making Fundraising Effortless

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

MOD Pizza Sanders owns and operates 10 successful, fast-growing MOD Pizza locations.

Just like MOD Pizza Corporate, this family-oriented business believes strongly in using pizza as a vehicle to improve the lives of all those around them: their squad members, their customers and their community. Fundraising is at the very core of these values.

In this video testimonial, Andre Rosado, District Manager of MOD Pizza Sanders, shares his experience utilizing GroupRaise to make fundraising faster and easier, and create a larger impact in the communities they serve.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andre. I’m the District Manager of MOD Pizza Sanders. I’ve been with the group for about five years now.


When it comes to fundraising, you know, we really have it in heart to give back to our communities.  Before GroupRaise, our fundraising program was just a little slow. We struggled back and forth, keeping all our emails organized, keeping all our dates are organized, our contacts organized. It was a lot of work. GroupRaise made it so much easier, we have everything on one platform. It’s easy to check on fundraisers to see, you know, what we got coming up, how many people, we’re all very busy and it just makes things so much easier for us. 


GroupRaise has helped us so much. It just keeps everything organized and it helps us just get so much faster and it makes it a lot easier for guests to set up fundraisers for us. In the past, we were more, you know, emails back and forth, and we would help mock up flyers and, it just, it was a process. We’ve found that with GroupRaise we can just be so much faster. It’s setting up fundraisers for different charities and organizations, and we could give back so much more because we are so much faster.


I would absolutely recommend other restaurants to get on to GroupRaise. GroupRaise allows us to give back to the communities in a much faster way than we’re used to. So the more that we can give back, the better it is for the community and the better it is for everybody.