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Oberweis Dairy Testimonial – Gaining Visibility Across All Locations

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

The Oberweis family of brands, that includes Oberweis Dairy, That Burger Joint, and Woodgrain Pizzeria, is a family-focused business that strives to provide high-quality foods and valuable relationships with their communities.

Hear about Ambrosia March’s experience utilizing GroupRaise to gain visibility over their fundraising program for 60 locations and improving the fundraising experience for their guests and managers.


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I’m Ambrosia, March. I’m the VP of marketing at Oberweis Dairy.

Fundraising is a great tool for us to invite families in, organizations in, to try us to come back to visit us and give us the opportunity to give back to them, by dining in our restaurants

GroupRaise has really helped us, Oberweis, That Burger Joint, and Woodgrain Pizzeria by creating this online tool to make it easier for our guests to sign up, to be able to, have a fundraiser within one of our locations, without having to play phone tag back and forth with the managers or come into our restaurants. The capability for someone to be able to just go online and be able to go through the entire process to set up a fundraiser is extremely nice, as well as inviting people or other organization or whoever they’re doing it for, to come and participate in the fundraisers and for us to get an idea of how many people were actually coming to attend the fundraisers. Another really important piece of this was GroupRaise, allowed us to be able to have visibility across all of our locations and the fundraisers that are taking place, both now and in the future, which wasn’t something that we had in place before GroupRaise. 

I recommend other restaurants to work with GroupRaise. It has been a great tool, for us to be able to, host more fundraisers, create and promote the fact that we are able to hold fundraisers, and just kind of the backend support in order to be able to manage those from a corporate office perspective.