On the Border Testimonial – Keeping Ops Teams Organized

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

Hear from Tara Barnett, Senior Manager of Off-Premise Conversion for On The Border Mexican Restaurants, about how GroupRaise has made fundraising easier for their operations team, keeping everyone organized and ultimately delivering a better guest experience:

Video Transcript

My name is Tara Barnett. I’m the Senior Manager of Off-Premise Conversion for On The Border Mexican Restaurants.


Fundraising is very important to us because it helps us reach the community and get involved in things that are important to the communities that we serve.


GroupRaise has really helped us reach more organizations and increase our community involvement while keeping our ops teams organized. Yes, I would definitely recommend other restaurants to work with GroupRaise.


Our ops teams are really, really busy, and so it really helped them manage this piece of the business, being able to log in and track their sales, track that the check’s been sent has been very valuable and their support teams are awesome.


Before GroupRaise, we managed our fundraisers through our LSM program and at a restaurant level that each restaurant had their own process. And it honestly was a bit of a mess. We would miss some guests as far as getting payouts. And now with GroupRaise, they just have everything in one place. We don’t have to produce as many marketing materials as we did before. And it just allows us get those checks out to the guests and gives a better guest experience.


It just really helps our ops teams have everything in one place. They’re able to check with the guest and speak with the guests and the tracking system on the events is really great. It has given us more exposure and what we’re able to do for fundraisers.