The Saxton Group Testimonial - Building Consistency Across The Board

The Saxton Group Testimonial – Building Consistency Across The Board

Posted by Tamy Lukacs

The Saxton Group opened its first McAlister’s Deli location in 1999 in Longview, Texas, and has experienced tremendous growth since then.


Fully aligned with the values of the brand of their franchised locations, the restaurant group focuses on providing exceptional service and living up to the genuine hospitality standard McAlister’s Deli is known for. This includes getting to know guests on a first-name basis, making sure no one ever has to stand up to ask for a refill, and of course, giving back to the community through their fundraising program.


In this video, Lily Saer, Marketing Manager of The Saxton Group, shares her experience managing a fundraising program for 86 locations across six states. 



Video Transcript

My name is Lily Saer and I am the Marketing Manager of The Saxton Group.


Most of our guests truly believe that we are a local business because of our level of involvement. We wouldn’t be who we are without our guests. They support us every single day. So the least that we can do is give back and devote some of our time and resources to the places that we’re so lucky to call home. And fundraising has played a huge part of that.


GroupRaise has made it a lot easier on our organizations and our operators and all the information’s in one place. Most groups looking to partner with us are already familiar with the website because other brands are utilizing it as well. It’s sort of a one-stop shop, I would say.


Plus it’s made us a lot more consistent across the board, you know, with so many different units. There’s a lot of room for discrepancy, as you can imagine, and I can only be in so many places at once. So since we’re using the same platform, it’s created a lot more of a structured and seamless process for McAlister’s as a whole.


I would absolutely recommend that other restaurants and other brands work with GroupRaise. I think the fundraising program has been so successful for us because we’ve had such a great tool at our disposal.


The Saxon Group is a multi-unit franchisee, which means scalability is always a concern, but that being said, GroupRaise has completely eliminated that concern. It would not be possible to handle all of the RSVPs, requests, contact information, donation amounts, so on and so forth without a platform like GroupRaise.