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Why GroupRaise: Sharing Restaurant Experiences

Looking for first-hand reviews about partnering with GroupRaise? Here you’ll find inspiring testimonials from brands who are using GroupRaise to engage their local communities with restaurant fundraisers. 


Keep scrolling to learn more about the experience behind hosting fundraisers and how it has helped these businesses!


Client Acquisition

Partnering with GroupRaise makes the experience of scheduling fundraising events easier than ever. It also allows you to promote your restaurant to thousands of potential new customers as a brand that gives back.


We have been part of the program for many years, GroupRaise helps Venezia’s NY Style Pizzeria to consistently bring in people that may not have eaten with us before. It’s an opportunity for us to make a great impression. The groups supporters know that they’re giving back to their community while getting some great pizza and Italian food for their families!

 – Mark Tomasello, Catering & Marketing Manager at Venezia’s Pizzeria


Hosting restaurant fundraisers is a great tool to boost sales, all while building a strong connection with your local community and helping important causes.


When I was a college student I was President of the Student Senate. I experienced firsthand the challenges of fundraising money for organizations we cared about. More often than not every hour spent fundraising would result in less than minimum wage equivalents in proceeds. I love Groupraise because now I can give local organizations a fast and easy way to raise money with proceeds that greatly outperform anything I ever worked with in the past.

 – Jose Solorio, 3 Margaritas


3 Margaritas


Fundraisers attract a large group of extra customers – 50 on average – that otherwise may not have ordered from your restaurant. What’s more, over 40% of them say that this is their first time visiting.


When you partner with GroupRaise, you’ll have advantages such as:

  • getting more customers on a slow Tuesday night 
  • increasing your community engagement 
  • enhancing your brand image 


or simply 


  • increasing your restaurant sales and profitability.


Burger Tavern 77 is a locally owned restaurant in downtown Columbia SC. Partnering with GroupRaise has been a great asset. GroupRaise helps us drive new customers into the restaurant. We have had tons of successful fundraising events and when the restaurant can give back to the group all parties win. We now have multiple re-books with groups and the word has spread. We are thankful for groups raises help with exposure to new guests. The platform is super easy to use.

 – Matthew Jay, Burger Tavern 77 


Brand Image

Hosting restaurant fundraisers improves your brand’s image, creates a greater sense of community and shows that you care; all things that help to drive patrons to your business and boost your restaurant sales. 


Everybody eats every day and so getting people to use their meal choices to give back makes fundraising so simple.


Think This Could Work For Your Business?

As you’ve seen from the above reviews, hosting restaurant fundraisers offers so many benefits and is a fantastically profitable yet charitable, customer acquisition strategy


No matter the problem you’re trying to solve — marketing, operations or sales — listing your restaurant on GroupRaise can help your team in so many ways.